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Offering a suite of WordPress services, Seahawk Media needed to ensure its website was just as accessible as its product—which meant finding a painless way to translate its content-heavy site.

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"Thanks to the ease of use and the fast, fluid translations, we've been able to attract non-English clients faster than ever. It's been a game-changer for our business!"

Aditi Tanwar

Head of Content & Affiliate Partnerships

Seahawk Media, a leading WordPress agency founded in 2018, provides a whole spectrum of services to make it easier for small businesses, agency resellers, and even enterprise companies to manage their WordPress websites. Trusted by top WordPress web hosts like GoDaddy Pro, Pressable, and DreamHost, Seahawk Media is a one-stop shop for all WordPress needs.

While making things easy to reach has always been its specialty, the team at Seahawk began getting more and more clients who didn’t speak English. Not wanting to lose the massive business opportunity this was bringing, it needed to become global overnight. And the challenge was finding a multilingual website solution that worked fast yet provided high-quality input.

That’s when the team found Weglot, which ticked all its boxes: a website translation plugin that instantly translated its site, was easy to use, and was fuss-free.

Seahawk media webpage

Welcoming international clients instantly

In the search for a solution that perfectly fits the bill, they encountered numerous WordPress translation plugins in the initial research phase. But after testing several options, none were a good fit. They were either bulky, too slow, inaccurate, or had a steep learning curve—something Seahawk couldn’t afford, as time was of the essence.

That’s when the team found Weglot, which immediately made them accessible to international markets thanks to the quick setup, content detection, and translation. After a 2-minute install, where they set up the plugin and chose 6 destination languages Italian, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, and Dutch, Weglot provided the first layer of machine translation for the whole website.

On top of that, it took care of multilingual SEO by automatically adding hreflang tags, a typically complex part of translating a website, and translating metadata. Not only did this simplify for Seahawk, who had a massive blog with thousands of metadata to translate, but it also made its high-traffic and commercial pages more visible on search engines like Google, instantly boosting its international SEO efforts.

“Weglot is our secret weapon for unleashing our website’s true global potential. Thanks to its speed and ease of use, we were finally able to leave behind tedious, time-consuming translation processes for something that we could automate and fine-tune accordingly.”

Fast, fuss-free, fluid translations

Given that Seahawk produces content centered on WordPress and its ecosystem—which powers about 43% of the Internet—it’s no surprise they attract significant foreign traffic, especially from non-English speaking countries.

As Weglot supports over 110 languages, it was easy for Seahawk to add 6 additional languages to its website.

With a high word count due to the amount of services and information its website provides, along with a well-visited blog, the team knew it wasn’t feasible to translate the whole of its website or invest in human-editing.

Thanks to Weglot’s first layer of machine translation, they could get the instant translation they required. What’s more, they found the machine translations to be accurate enough to leave them as-is.

Multilingual made easy

Seahawk Media webpage with their language switcher

Apart from the accuracy of the machine translation automatically provided by Weglot,  they also found the Weglot Dashboard and interface to be easy to use for everyone on the team.

The low learning curve meant they could go multilingual and reach their non-English speaking audience in minutes, as opposed to months through other traditional website translation methods.

They also found many of Weglot’s features particularly useful, such as the ability to exclude URLs from translation. With the site’s high word count volume, it was imperative to remove certain pages from being translated, particularly low-traffic pages that wouldn’t add value for its new international visitors. The ease of this aspect also helped their website translation process enormously.

Another bonus was the comprehensive help center and the quick support. When they needed some help setting up translation rules or using the Glossary, they received a response from the support team immediately. The help center also helped answer some questions about onboarding, configuring their site, and managing their translations.

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Where Seahawk Media made WordPress services more accessible for businesses, Weglot made its content more accessible to an international audience thanks to frictionless website translation.

Its fast and easy translation features helped Seahawk Media get ahead of its game and catch its international users before its competitors could. By instantly going multilingual and adding 6 languages to its website, the global WordPress services company was able to serve its foreign audience, boost its website traffic, and become more prominent as one of the most trusted agencies in the WordPress ecosystem.

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