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Discover the impact of Chinese translations on Basler AG’s growth in this vast market.

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Basler AG –  giving technology the power of sight

Basler AG is a leading manufacturer of high-quality digital cameras and accessories for industry, medicine, traffic and a number of other markets. It runs a product documentation site for their technical devices, for things such as industrial cameras.

This site provides easy access to information about everything regarding the use of their camera and camera module series. This includes maintenance and safety instructions, model specifications and task-oriented feature descriptions.

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Increasing accessibility to the Chinese Market

Website localization is the ultimate form of personalization for any website operating internationally and translation plays a huge part in this. After hearing feedback from clients in the Chinese market, Basler AG wanted to improve accessibility and their overall user experience on their product documentation site through a multilingual site.

Given that they frequently update the products and content on their site, they ruled out traditional human translation as a potential option. This is because doing so would require either delaying the publishing process until everything is translated, or letting the translated versions of the documentation lag behind the original version.

With this, machine translation seemed an obvious choice. However, because they provide complex technical documentation, they had slight reservations. This is why they were so impressed by Weglot’s hybrid approach to translation which allowed them to combine the efficiency and automation associated with neural machine translation and post-editing human translation. This allowed them to provide their Chinese speaking customers with not only fast, but accurate product documentation translations.

The results of this translation effort have been extremely positive for the company. After just one month, 45% of their customers in China, and 15% overall, were using the Chinese version of their product documentation site. Furthermore, their Product Market Manager for China has expressed how this is a huge advantage for the local market and for customers who struggle with English.

Image and Media translation


One of the great facets of Weglot is its ability to provide a number of different localization features beyond its translation capabilities. One such example is the ability to localize or translate images and other forms of media on websites. This is a feature that came in very useful for the team at Basler AG who used it to translate their product diagrams and drawings on their documentation site.

While one option for image translation is to handle separate image files for each language, our support team worked out a solution perfectly suited to Basler AG’s needs which involved implementing translatable SVG files. Now, each time they upload a new drawing or diagram on their product documentation site, it is automatically translated right within the file – eliminating the need for separate files for each language version.

“The support at Weglot is absolutely outstanding. Anytime we experience difficulty they are quick to respond and always extremely helpful. They’ve even gone over and beyond to help us out with some customization features that work perfectly for the needs of our site“
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In Weglot, Basler AG found a scalable, easy-to-maintain solution that enabled them to make their product documentation more accessible to their customers. The ability to automatically translate this content without delay, along with drawings, has been a real asset to the company and Chinese customers alike. In the future, as they look to delve further into the Asian market they plan on using Weglot to translate to Japanese and other languages.

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