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Weglot allows you to set your website translation qualityDecorative pattern

Key features that will help you achieve your desired translation quality

Machine translation

AI translation suggestions

Full editing control

Access to professional translators

Get full control over your website translation method

Machine translation

Machine translation

Choose from 110+ languages and translate your website instantly through leading machine translation engines.

Manual translators

Manual review

Get full editing control. Approve, edit, and manage your machine translations with your team and/or translators.

Pro translators

Professional translation

Order professional translations directly from your Weglot Dashboard and have your site edited and reviewed by professionals.

Editing control
All-in-one dashboard

How is machine translation used in Weglot?

Weglot integrates with leading machine translation providers DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator for accuracy and speed and to ensure that 100% of the content on your website is translated. Through your translation dashboard, you have full editing control. Use Weglot’s post-editing tools to achieve the translation quality that you require.

Remove the manual work
Translation editing
Display control

Select the best translation quality for your brand

If the quality of a machine translation isn’t what you want, don’t display it. Instead, use it as a base to kick-start your website translation project – after all, using a first layer of machine translation is exactly how most pro translators work today. Keep your translated pages private and only go live with your multilingual website when you’re ready.

How can machine translation boost website translation?

of surveyed global marketers use machine translation for localization
Source: DeepL
time saved on website translation with machine translation
Source: Weglot
Machine translation has reached a level of maturity that makes it possible to translate high-volume content that otherwise wouldn't be translated because of budget and time constraints, complementing the human linguist.
Roman Civin
VP of Consulting at Nimdzi Insights
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Professional translation

Add a human touch to your website translations

Professional translations can be ordered directly from the Weglot Dashboard. With a few clicks, you can send your most important pages or entire website for translation. Edited translations will automatically appear on your website in 24-48 hours. If you have your own translation team, you can also easily add them to your project and give them editing rights.

Professional translations
AI suggestions
AI translation suggestions

Enhance your translations with AI tools

Weglot connects with AI translation tools to provide you with alternative translation suggestions. Choose between several potential suggestions to enhance and improve your current machine translations. Pick the option you prefer to see it live on your site instantly.

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Common questions

Does Weglot use its own machine translation?
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No, Weglot uses 3 of the leading machine translation providers (Google Translate, DeepL, and Microsoft) to provide the most accurate first layer of translation for your website. Weglot then selects the most accurate translation provider based on language pair.
Can I only use human translation?
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Yes. With Weglot, you can choose to turn off ‘display machine translation’ in the settings of your dashboard. This means your website will never display a single machine translation. You can then use teammates or professional translators to edit the machine translations already generated in your dashboard.
How can I order professional translations?
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Professional translation is available directly in your Weglot Dashboard. To send a text or page for professional translation, simply select it and add it to your basket. Once you’ve reviewed your order and paid, the professional translations will be updated and live on your website within 24-48 hours, depending on the order size. Read more here
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