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With 500+ product launches a day, the ecommerce team at The Bradery needed a scalable fast translation solution.

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“The biggest win for us is the time we’ve saved. It takes us about ten minutes twice a week to double-check everything is running how we want it. Everything else is done by Weglot.”

Adèle Aubry

Ecommerce Manager at The Bradery

Founders Tim and Edouard created the French ecommerce brand The Bradery in 2018 from the desire to shake up the fashion industry after seeing the amount of overproduction.

By partnering with a select number of quality brands and young designers that produce timeless pieces, The Bradery keeps the fashion industry responsible and affordable by reselling these items through daily flash sales. The overall aim, keep fashion out of landfill.

With more than 500 fashion and apparel products uploaded daily on the site, the sheer volume of work to translate these into English and Spanish was too time-consuming. They always knew it would be impossible to carry out this work manually and so looked for a translation app.

Having previously used a competitor translation app on Shopify, they weren’t satisfied with the outcome and needed a solution that gave them more automation and less manual work.

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A scalable translation solution

With 500+ new descriptions and pages to translate each day the priority was to find a tool that allowed them to be as hands-off as possible and that would give the team the growth and conversion they wanted from adding new languages.

They came across Weglot after looking at other well known ecommerce French sites with language options. Having seen it was trusted and used by many big names in the French market, they decided this was enough evidence to warrant using it themselves.

Testing new markets fast

As a growing company, having the ability to make quick expansion decisions was a big factor in choosing a Shopify translation app that could accommodate such plans. With Weglot, launching a new language is just a case of one click.

With their original site in French, the ecommerce team always knew they’d launch an English language version, and Spanish quickly followed.

With the flexibility Weglot offers, the team was also able to test both Dutch and Italian. They were quickly able to see their translated page views within the Weglot Dashboard as well as in their own analytics tool. Recognizing the traffic volume was limited, they paused these languages and expansion plans.

This level of flexibility offered the team the perfect opportunity to “test and go” with minimal manual work.

Machine translation: A big win

“The biggest win for us is the time we’ve saved. It takes us about ten minutes twice a week to double-check everything is running how we want it. Everything else is done by Weglot.”

With 3 flash sales a day, they needed to rely on machine translation. As a core part of Weglot, this was a big advantage for the team and allowed them to keep up with translating the large volume of products they uploaded daily.

It gave them the speed, autonomy, and near accuracy, they were looking for and most importantly didn’t need the team’s involvement – the translations automatically appeared on their site as soon as the page was visited in that language.

When it comes to manual editing, the English translations are very much ‘set and forget’, however as the Spanish market is a key one for the brand, they took advantage of the post-editing options available through Weglot.

As they have a small team within Spain, this task can be kept internal and with both the Translations List view and Visual Editor, teammates can go into the Weglot Dashboard and make small edits where necessary. This is particularly the case for some of their more prominent, important Spanish brands where they want to pay more attention to the descriptions and titles.

The Bradery also make use of Weglot’s inactive translations feature whereby they delete all the old translations flagged by Weglot as the longevity of the content on their site is short.

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In Weglot, the team at The Bradery found a website translation solution that scaled with their expansion plans and allowed them to continuously launch translated products on a daily basis.

A trusted, reliable, and light translation solution gave them the freedom to launch content on autopilot, without manual processes.

Without the automation Weglot gives them, it would have been impossible to manage the volume of translations the team required.

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