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Weglot for Agencies and Freelancers

Find out how you can leverage Weglot within your website development projects. Simple, fast and reliable multilingual integration that seamlessly adapts to your workflow.

Weglot for Agencies and Freelancers

Hundreds of top agencies and freelancers work with Weglot

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An efficient website translation solution

Accompany clients with their multilingual needs

Accompany clients with their multilingual needs

Stop postponing your customers’ multilingual website projects. Add 110+ languages in just minutes with automatic content detection and full site translation, without manually changing the website structure.

Weglot automatically integrates technical multilingual SEO aspects including language subdomains/subdirectories, hreflang tags and translated metadata, giving your clients visibility in new markets.

Easy and powerful workflow between agency and customer

Weglot integrates seamlessly into your website development workflow. Rely on the speed of automatic translation to give an instantly multilingual website.
With a user-friendly translation management interface, you can hand your Weglot project directly over to your client, without any issues. Weglot provides a simple solution for your clients to independently manage and edit their translations.

Easy and powerful workflow between agency and customer
What we do for agencies

Weglot for Agencies & Freelancers Program

At Weglot, it’s important that we support the great work agencies and freelancers produce for their clients when using us as their multilingual solution of choice. To give a complete understanding of our software, we provide exclusive resources based on your team needs, a dedicated contact and even more elements through a partnership program.

If you want to learn more on how you can leverage Weglot for all your multilingual projects reach out to our dedicated contact for Agencies and Freelancers.

Thibaud - Agency Partnership Manager
Agency Partnership Manager

Compatible with any CMS and non-CMS technology

Don’t change the way your website works. Weglot is compatible with all Content Management Systems web technologies and tools.

Weglot allows the answer to “let’s go multilingual” to be a yes

Without a tool like Weglot, taking our clients multilingual would be difficult enough that it would be prohibitive, it would probably just not happen

Xavier Schreder
Xavier Schreder

I always recommend Weglot to our customers

The integration of Weglot was very simple and we were able to implement all our translations in record time. The Weglot team is very prompt in helping us with the slightest question and they are always listening to our suggestions for improvements. We know we can count on them.

Guillaume Vergano
Guillaume Vergano
Founder, Baltazare

Weglot ticked all the boxes

For creative agencies serving dozens of clients at a time like ours, it’s imperative to find a solution that makes our job easier. Weglot makes something as complicated as website translation almost impossibly effortless.

Federico Coccia
Federico Coccia
Co-Founder, EditStudio Agency

Weglot allows us to add dozens of languages effortlessly for our clients

It takes care of the technical multilingual SEO elements that are so often overlooked or poorly implemented. It complements our own SEO services and allows us to create a full SEO strategy for our clients.

Sébastien Felix
Sébastien Felix
Founder, Influence Society
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