The Weglot Story

Here is our journey that started with an idea and became
the business we’re proud to be today

The Weglot Story

How it all started

It all started when our co-founder Rémy couldn’t find an easy solution to his simple need: translating his website. On one of his daily walks, he had his eureka moment and decided to create a tool that would make adding languages to a website easy — as it should be!

Then he met Augustin, who helped him bring his idea to life, and the rest is history. Today, Weglot is used by +70k companies of all sizes and industries to translate their websites. The goal we set for ourselves is to provide a solution so effortless that one day, all the websites will be multilingual.

Read the full Weglot story from Remy

How it all started

The milestones we’re proud of


Weglot was founded
by Rémy and Augustin


Weglot raised a seed round of €450k from SIDE Capital


Weglot became compatible with all website technologies


Weglot reached
10 million ARR


Weglot partnered with Partech with a €45m investment


Weglot has over
45 employees and counting

Our team and culture

our team and culture

Weglot’s true essence lies in its people. Our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and interests contribute to our harmonious teamwork, learning, and growth.

And you know you’re in good company when you can call your colleagues your “friends.” Visit us at our Paris office, and you’ll catch us playing foosball, having a bake-off party — or maybe we’ll be absent because we’re at one of our annual seminars!

Join our team

We’re always looking for ambitious and talented people to join our team, so don’t hesitate to check out our open positions or send a spontaneous application.

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