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Know Your Lemons Foundation

Weglot removed the need for multiple websites and helped this small team launch 10 languages instantly.

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Know Your Lemons Foundation
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“With Weglot we were able to translate a number of pages into 10 different languages within the first week of the website launch, dramatically increasing our international visibility.”

Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont

MFA PhD, CEO, Know Your Lemons Foundation

A global charity fighting breast cancer all over the world

Founded in 2017, the Know Your Lemons Foundation is a global charity with a groundbreaking campaign teaching women all over the world the signs and symptoms of breast cancer in a unique and visual way.

Their inclusive and accessible health campaign, #knowyourlemons, uses lemons as a way to show several common (and less so) symptoms of breast cancer – giving way to an innovative, friendly, and new approach to healthcare communication that has reached 1 billion people online.

Removing barriers such as literacy with such a visual campaign and the taboo and fear around breast cancer has ultimately led to a truly global breast cancer education campaign that has made a significant impact in saving lives.

know your lemons
“Because our work is so visual, being able to show our images in different languages was a major concern for us. Weglot made it easy to simply assign a new image for each language that switches automatically. It feels more like magic than software.”

Widening campaign reach

For a cause that will impact every woman at one point in their life, whether it’s themselves, a friend, or a family member, the Know Your Lemons Foundation has the potential to positively impact every continent in the world.

Know Your Lemons home page

One thing holding them back was finding a way to translate their website in a budget-friendly way, that was also easily manageable for their team of 4.

Before discovering Weglot, they only had the capacity to translate one page of their website into 10 languages using the traditional method of professional translation and manual integration of the page. For a charity, where the budget can be more wisely spent, there simply wasn’t the option to progress this any further.

After discovering Weglot through the Squarespace community, they realized that using a website translation solution that combines machine translation and takes care of the displaying part (translated pages are automatically created, no developer time needed) was exactly what they needed to make a fully translated website available in 10 languages.

For their new website launch, they were able to add Weglot in just a few minutes and translate all their website content into 10 languages, dramatically increasing their international visibility and getting key messages delivered to people in 99 countries.

Amongst the 10 languages added (German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek. Swedish, and Polish), German and Dutch saw traffic increases of 1518% and 1185% to the newly translated pages.

KYL results
“Weglot has been a tremendous support in our mission to educate the world about breast health. Because of Weglot, we have been able to save more lives and educate more people than ever before.”
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The overall benefits of adding multiple languages increased website traffic to Know Your Lemons Foundation by 30% and in turn, helped push their key messages worldwide.

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