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L'Équipe Créative

Web agency L’Équipe Créative needed a quick and efficient translation solution to elevate their hospitality clients on the international stage. Weglot’s one-click install and intuitive interface was the perfect match.

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L'Équipe Créative
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Weglot is great because it corresponds to my needs and what I can promise to my clients: an easy way to go multilingual, total autonomy over their website, generate more leads, and the ability to do all that in just a few clicks.

Salomé Amar


Founded in 2015, L’Équipe Créative is a creative web agency and a certified partner with Squarespace and Shopify. With clients in industries ranging from food and hospitality to fashion, L’équipe Créative possesses the ‘creative’ eye needed to create unique and eye-catching websites that businesses in these industries demand.

With esteemed brands like Hotel Lutetia, Homer Food Group, and TikTok’s most followed French chef, Diego Alary, L’équipe Créative designs beautiful websites that truly leave an impression on clients and their customers.

But, as every ambitious business would want, the agency received multiple requests to create a multilingual website. Initially, the L’équipe Créative team thought the only way to go multilingual was to manually create another website and connect the two with a button.

It was at this point that the team discovered Weglot, a website translation solution that removed the friction of creating a multilingual site. Plus, it had built-in integrations with both Squarespace and Shopify.  

In fact, the team at L’équipe Créative notably mentioned it prefers using Weglot for its Shopify customers over the native feature thanks to Weglot’s automation and simple interface.

Hotel Lutetia, one of L’Équipe Créative’s clients that needed a multilingual website to cater to its international clientele.
Hotel Lutetia, one of L’Équipe Créative’s clients that needed a multilingual website to cater to its international clientele.

Intuitive implementation

The agency’s ultimate goal after any website build is to give its clients full autonomy over their websites. For the agency, that meant finding a website translation solution that would also be easy for its clients, in particular, a solution that gave its clients autonomy over their translations.

But, as the agency initially thought, adding languages to a website was a nightmare. The team’s first thought was to duplicate a website and create a separate multilingual one. Straight away, L’équipe Créative could see this would impact its budget and timeline, as the team would need to update the content on each website every time a change was made to the original site. Then, figuring out how the agency would charge for this service would be another issue, as they’d need to be paid each time the site was updated, which would not be financially viable for the client.

When the team discovered Weglot, it could instantly see how it would solve all these initial issues and also corresponded to what the agency could promise its clients.

Installing the solution took only a few minutes on Squarespace and Shopify, thanks to Weglot’s in-app integrations.

Once the website is created and the project completed, the agency onboards the client onto Weglot. Easy onboarding and an intuitive back office were top priorities for L’Équipe Créative, and Weglot covered all bases: 1-click install, a user-friendly interface, and a simple way to manage translations.

For instance, managing translations was trouble-free with the Visual Editor. They loved that they could instantly post-edit the translations within a live preview of the site. Even better, they could filter translations visually according to the quality: manual, automatic, or professional. That gave them an immediate view of the translations they’ve modified and what was left untouched.

Managing translations on the Homer Food Group website using Weglot's Visual Editor

Adding the translated versions of the images was a breeze, too. The instructions were clear and simple - simply paste the URL of the original media file and the URL of the translated image file.

Translating media with Weglot

Overall the interface was clean and simple with no distracting visual elements. The agency could then easily hand over the project to its clients so they could manage their translations quickly and fuss-free.

“My goal is to ensure my clients can confidently manage their websites once we hand them over, and that includes the translations. Weglot was so easy to use that onboarding took no time.”

A frictionless way to go multilingual

The agency typically proposes going multilingual to its clients immediately, especially if it notices steady international traffic. Going international is one of the most reliable ways of getting leads—something L’équipe Créative noticed after providing its clients with a multilingual website.

And Weglot gave the ability to offer this service effortlessly.

Instead of creating the translations manually—which isn’t always possible, as there aren’t always native speakers on either the client’s side or the agencies’ side—they used Weglot’s first layer of machine translation to kick off the translation project.

It was accurate enough for L’équipe Créative to provide a fully multilingual website for its client. Then the team could give the project over to the client and onboard them on the platform so they could modify the translations as needed through the Visual Editor or the Translations List.

“We were amazed by Weglot’s intuitiveness and how easy it was to post-edit the translations. This offered a frictionless experience for our clients.”

L’équipe Créative also set up certain initial translation rules to kick-start the translation project for its clients. This included creating rules such as never translating brand names and other company-specific wording through Weglot’s Glossary feature. And, thanks to translation exclusions, the agency could help the client control the word count by excluding specific pages from translation.

The agency also handled some of the more technical aspects, like handling domain redirection, and ensuring a smooth handover of the website to the client.

Homer Food Group website
Homer Food Group’s multilingual Squarespace website, built by L’Équipe Créative and translated by Weglot.
Our clients are always surprised at how much traffic adding additional languages brings. In fact, Weglot itself has even brought international leads to our doorstep!

With everything centralized in one interface, it removed the need for extra processes—bringing enormous relief to the agency and its clients. The experience was so positive that it created several more multilingual projects with Weglot.

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Having created over 200 Squarespace and Shopify websites as a trusted platform of each platform, L’équipe Créative has received all kinds of complex requests. Adding multilingual functionality was initially one of them, but it became one of the easiest things to roll out once they discovered Weglot.

With Weglot’s advanced yet simple translation capabilities and L’équipe Créative’s mastery in creating beautiful, functional websites, the agency equips its clients with the tools to build an unforgettable online presence and connect with global audiences.

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