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A straightforward integration, machine translation, and a set-and-forget nature meant this team could scale their operations without extra internal resources.

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“Our mission is to enable medicine access to everyone around the world, so we get a ton of requests from people in diverse areas, with diverse backgrounds, speaking diverse languages.”

Jules Boven

Tech Lead,

Helping multilingual patients is a social enterprise that helps people from all over the world access the latest medicines in countries where they aren’t currently available. With an international team that speaks 7 languages between them, communicating on a personal level with their patients has never been a problem.

However, when a potential patient was initially browsing their English-only website, it meant not everybody was able to understand important information about medical ethics, regulations, how to access innovative medicine and what documents could be required.

It also put pressure on their access support team as they ended up spending a lot of time helping patients and repeating information already available on the website.

Translating their website was something they had initially experimented with a few years before, however, they were doing this completely manually, with little success.

They came across Weglot and were impressed by the easy integration on their Magento built website and the fact that it did exactly what it said it would do. Hours later they had a fully multilingual website translated into 12 languages leading to better trust between and their patients, and better-informed patients that could actually navigate their website in their native language.

“Weglot’s customer service has been amazing. We use Magento as our CMS, which can be challenging to work with at the best of times, and we set out to integrate Weglot seamlessly in a way that made sense both for our existing architecture and for our visitors”

Making use of machine translation

Not only was the team at impressed by the straightforward implementation that Weglot promised, but they also appreciated the use of machine translation within the tool. They found the translations to be pretty spot on, something they needed as the information they provide to patients and doctors needs to be as accurate as possible.

As a small social enterprise startup, they didn’t have the internal resources to manually translate their entire website, including their specific medicine pages into multiple languages. The fact that Weglot automatically picked up any new content they added to their site enabled them to keep up with their translation demand.

“The completely automated set-and-forget nature of Weglot has been the highlight for us. As a small social enterprise startup, we don’t have the in-house resources to manually translate our entire medicine range into multiple languages.”

For some of their translated pages that received the most traffic, such as their homepage, they made use of Weglot’s manual editing features to ensure the translations were perfect and to give the best possible impression to new site visitors.

Driving traffic with multilingual SEO

It’s not just the translating and displaying part of Weglot that the team at made use of, but also the multilingual SEO features that were automatically integrated.

At first, they were slightly skeptical about the SEO benefits Weglot would bring as they weren’t completely sure the translated pages would be picked up and ranked by Google.

They initially wanted potential patients to arrive on the website and then choose their preferred language; they didn’t actually think their traffic would grow organically from implementing Weglot.

But, with dedicated subdomains, hreflang tags and translated metadata, the team was happily proven wrong and now rank for many of their main keywords across all of their languages, bringing in large amounts of organic traffic each month.

Providing medicine all over the world

“Weglot is now directly responsible for increasing our total visitors by 40%. In some markets, like France, we are seeing French-speaking visitors convert at a rate of almost twice our average sitewide conversion rate.”

Without Weglot, would not have been able to translate any of their site content, a small team meant they simply didn’t have the resources to manually translate content across all of their medicines and into all the language their patients speak.

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The results speak for themselves. Since adding 12 languages with Weglot, has seen a 40% increase in website traffic, which to this day continues to rise.

Within 6 months of adding Weglot to the website, they saw a 350% increase in website visitors who had their browser language set to a language other than English.

And, overall, translating their website led to a 2x increase in conversion, and more importantly, a way to give people access to medicine all over the world.

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