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Weglot allows you to set your website translation quality

Key features to ensure your site is fully localized for its new markets

Media translation

Custom languages

Page views statistics

Tone of voice

Visitor auto-redirection

Refine your content and go beyond translation

Media translation

Media translation

Replace images and media files across your translated website to ensure not only the words on your website “speak” to your new website visitors.

Auto redirection

Visitor auto-redirection

Switch on auto-redirection so your site visitors land on the correct language version of your site based on their browser language. Great for an improved bounce rate!

Page statistics

Page statistics

See an overview of your most visited translated pages, plus access data pinpointing potential new markets so you know where to focus your international marketing efforts.

Automatic content detection
Full website translation

A fully localized customer journey

Weglot ensures that all your key customer conversion points, including lead generation forms, pop-ups, and email confirmations, are translated. This content is automatically detected, translated, and available for editing directly inside your Weglot Dashboard so you can effortlessly guide your customers down the purchase funnel.

All-in-one dashboard
Team collaboration

Centralize your translation management

Manage your localized website content with Weglot’s easy-to-use dashboard. Allow your content team to add translators, collaborate with teammates, and order professional translators for key landing pages through one platform.

Translation editing

Why a localized experience matters

countries reached with website localization
Source: Know Your Lemons
of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language
Source: CSA
Our company grew rapidly, which means our target markets multiplied faster than expected. The only way to keep them engaged was to localize our website into multiple languages as fast as possible. And Weglot did all of that for us with minimal effort on our part.
Polina Usynina
Project Lead, Respond.io
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Translated URLs

Localize content right through to your URLs

Continue the seamless user journey you’ve created with your translated content. Use a translated URL structure that’s clear to your new target audience and help them navigate through your website effortlessly.

Slug translation
Machine translation tone
Tone of voice
Machine translation

Make fewer edits to your website translations

Speed up your localization process by pre-selecting the formal or informal tone option (if it exists for your language pair) and make fewer edits to your translated content. For example, ‘vous’ to replace ‘tu’ in French or ‘tú’ vs ‘usted’ in Spanish. This helps you keep a consistent brand voice across your translated pages.

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Common questions

What is the difference between marketing localization and translation?
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Translation involves converting text from one language to another, whereas marketing localization goes a step further by adapting the content to suit the cultural, linguistic, and contextual nuances of a specific market. This can be achieved with Weglot features such as media translation and localized customer journey.
What are the benefits of marketing localization?
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Marketing localization enhances customer engagement by tailoring content to cultural and linguistic nuances, improving conversion rates through personalized experiences. It expands market reach by making content relevant to specific regions and strengthens brand consistency with a cohesive voice across languages. Additionally, localized content boosts SEO performance and reduces bounce rates by ensuring visitors land on the correct language version of your site.
What if I only want website translation and not full marketing localization?
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Weglot’s core features offer everything you need for website translation. While our localization features are available for those looking to optimize their multilingual websites further, they are entirely optional. You have complete control over how much effort you want to invest in your website translation project. Whether you need basic translation or advanced localization, Weglot has you covered!
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