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With 19% of sales coming from abroad, Jimmy Fairly needed a rapid website translation solution. A month of integrating Weglot, international sales were 4x higher and 8 months later, 6x higher.

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“With our e-commerce store available in 4 languages, our international turnover has increased x10 since integrating Weglot. With a constantly evolving product portfolio, Weglot is the perfect solution for us.”

Clara Champion

Director of Digital and E-Commerce, Jimmy Fairly

Jimmy Fairly – High quality Eyewear without the middleman – 99€ inc. prescription lenses

Jimmy Fairly is an independent French eyewear brand. By designing, manufacturing and selling their own collection, they skip out the middleman offering the best quality products at a fair price.

The company underpins a benevolent social cause – for each pair of glasses they sell, they donate another to a person in need.

Since their founding in 2010, the company has donated over 400,000 pairs of glasses to those in need. They sell their products exclusively through their stores across France and the UK and operate an e-commerce store at

Jimmy fairly sunglasses

Weglot – a scalable solution adapted to change

When the team Jimmy Fairly began looking for a multilingual solution, they had several criteria in mind. They wanted an intuitive solution that could be quickly implemented, that would integrate seamlessly with their site, and one that catered for the ever-evolving nature of their site’s content.

Having done extensive research on potential solutions, they decided to opt for Weglot due to the impressive reputation of the solution, the affordable price points, and the fact that Weglot was fully equipped to deal with all their needs.

Each month at Jimmy Fairly, they release a new collection of 30 eyewear products both online and in stores. Given how frequently they update their collections, they sought out a translation solution that would require minimum upkeep, and would not require a tedious translation and page creation job each time they added new items.

This is where they really benefited from Weglot’s ability to automatically detect and translate all the content on your website, meaning anytime they added a new product on their French site, a translated version was automatically created for the English, German, and Italian versions of their site.

The team was also really impressed by the glossary feature which enabled them to add their own translation rules for certain words and phrases. This was particularly helpful for any technical or medical terms relating to their eyewear products, which must be translated as accurately as possible for professional purposes.

All in all, Weglot provided them with a scalable solution that didn’t require a huge effort each time new products were added.

Increase in site visitors and session duration

people jimmy fairly

Going multilingual with Weglot has proven valuable in terms of expanding Jimmy Fairly’s overall reach on the web. Since setting up an English, German, and an Italian language version of their website 8 months ago, they’ve seen an overall increase in web sessions of 70%.

This can be linked back to the fact that Weglot not only translates your website, but also takes care of multilingual SEO too. By providing language specific URLs and automatically translating all metadata, Weglot looked after all the necessary requirements to get their web pages indexed on international search engines.

Furthermore, the team at Jimmy Fairly also noticed a significant increase in the average duration of visitor sessions, which now last on average 20 seconds longer. This is indicative of a lower bounce rate since going multilingual.

Increase in conversion rate and international sales

jimmy fairly store
“Within a week of translating our site to English with Weglot, international sales doubled, by the following month – they had quadrupled”

From the offset, creating a multilingual e-commerce site began to pay dividends for Jimmy Fairly. They started off by translating their French site to English using Weglot and the results were instant. It took only a week for their percentage of international sales to double, and just 4 weeks after this, this figure had quadrupled.

Following from this, the team added further languages, German and Italian to their site. Overall, their conversion rate outside of France has increased by an astounding 6 times and their international turnover has increased by 10 times!

At the moment, the team are currently in the midst of preparing the Spanish version of their site and look set to capture even more of the international market share in the eyewear industry.

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In Weglot, Jimmy Fairly found a scalable solution perfectly suited to their needs and have gone on to become one of the big emerging players on the international eyewear market. As they now embark on providing a Spanish version of their website they are confident in Weglot’s ability to further facilitate their international growth and expansion.

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