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With more than 900 parking spaces to manage across Europe, the team at Parkdepot needed a multilingual website to reach its international customers.

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As one of the leading providers of digital parking solutions in Europe, we needed to find a fast and reliable way to communicate with our international customers. Weglot took down the language barriers, making our website content accessible in any language within minutes.

Henri Ortlieb

Product at Parkdepot

The answer to everyone’s sore point: parking management

Founded in 2019 by Jakob Bodenmüller, Yukio Iwamoto, and Bastian Pieper, Parkdepot is an innovative digital solution that makes parking management frictionless for commercial spaces.

In the bid to make parking painless, Parkdepot offers a simple system for parking operators to easily supervise the activities of the parking area. Through their proprietary technology, they eliminate the need for barriers and manual checks—they have all the data they need through their state-of-the-art scanners.

With more than 1000 managed parking spaces across Europe, they knew they needed a more efficient way to communicate with their clients. Simply manually translating their entire website into several languages was too much to do. Especially with so much international logistics and coordination involved.

In their venture to expand to an audience that doesn’t speak English as a first language, they needed a multilingual website that bridged the communication gap between people of different native languages. Something that immediately gave them high-quality translations while allowing their team of translators to refine the output and tweak some terms.

Parkdepot language switcher

Accessing international markets more rapidly

Parkdepot knew that they had a unique, lucrative product that would transform the ways parking operators manage their facilities.

But they needed a way to make sure that other operators understood what they offered—fast.

And so Parkdepot tasked Virtual Entity, a web design agency known for creating faster, smarter, and more responsive websites for its clients, with building a multilingual website for them.

There were a number of specific requirements, including creating a website that could show different layouts depending on the user’s location.

This was no small feat. Though the team at Virtual Entity created a custom website to display these layouts accordingly, they still needed a website translation solution for their client. But they quickly realized this wouldn’t be so feasible if they tried to make it themselves and even when onboarding Parkdepot. The learning process would take far too long.

As an agency working primarily with CMS builder Webflow, they had read a lot of positive feedback about Weglot and were intrigued to see how it could fit their needs. From the initial integration that took just minutes, the team at Virtual Entity was instantly impressed.

Weglot ticked all the boxes. It was a solution that allowed them to achieve their goal of displaying different content—and even showing different layouts, depending on a user’s location.

As Virtual Entity’s use case required some additional customization, Weglot's support team quickly delivered everything they needed and was able to guide them through the process.

We thought a no-code solution that was both flexible and comprehensive would be hard to find. But Weglot gave us the full confidence we needed to build a website that met all of Parkdepot’s requirements. On top of that, the team at Weglot helped us with excellent support throughout the whole process.
Christian Völlinger, CEO at Virtual Entity

Easy, effortless onboarding

Naturally, web agencies need to onboard their clients after the initial design and launch stage. Clients need to continue the day-to-day management of their website once the project is over, after all.

For that reason, the Virtual Entity needed to choose a multilingual solution that’s user-friendly—especially given all the complexities of multilingual websites.

Luckily, this was the exact experience Virtual Entity had when handing the project over to Parkdepot. The low-resource nature of Weglot meant that it simplified the traditionally complicated process of translating a website into multiple languages.

Weglot’s numerous video resources—including Weglot Academy, which offers quick tutorials on using the software—were instrumental in the hassle-free onboarding of Parkdepot.

Intuitive, easy-to-use website translation

From Parkdepot’s side, the chosen translation tool needed to be simple to use for their team.  

A specific area of need for the team was the ability to edit and save translations. Weglot’s translation management system fit that bill. Parkdepot felt confident in editing translations without fearing any file losses, thanks to everything being centralized through their Weglot project dashboard.

Importantly, it was user-friendly and easy for them to find what they needed, given the dashboard’s simple interface—no learning curve necessary. And it automatically translated the new content they were making in all offered languages, so they didn’t need to put anything on hold while waiting for the new translations to be ready.

Everything was instantly live. They also liked the fact they could add their own translation team to the project and fine-tune the translations to the quality that matched their standards and brand.

Another important feature for them was being able to edit translations in-context without having to navigate through a lengthy UI onboarding. Weglot’s visual editor fit the bill perfectly; it allowed them to edit their translations directly into a live preview of their website.

Thanks to Weglot, they are able to easily and efficiently manage all available languages on their website, expanding their reach across Europe within mere minutes.

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Parkdepot needed a fast, dependable, and scalable solution that offered high-quality translations while still preserving complete editing control. Since they were rapidly expanding, they needed a tool that would grow with them—including entering new markets.

They found what they needed in Weglot, which made it simple to translate and launch content in all 8 languages. By providing a more tailored, localized experience to their customers, they successfully expanded even more into their current markets—with even more on the horizon.

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