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Weglot removed the need for dev support and allowed to automate their manual translation process. This led to a reduction in human error, and a translated blog that needed little management.

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“We needed a product that dramatically increased the speed of website translation. Our clunky manual coding approach was time-consuming, but with Weglot, it’s fast and effortless.”

Rich Ball

Marketing Manager,

Founded in 2010, is a review platform that allows ecommerce stores to harness the power of social proof and build their online reputation through customer reviews.

Over the last 12 years, has grown to become one of the leading review platforms with a set of features that make asking for reviews, displaying reviews and curating them, effortless.

Their client base has expanded across the world and they now help more than 8,000 brands elevate their products with customer reviews – boosting the conversion rate of stores worldwide.

Time for a multilingual blog

An international client base called for an international blog. And, with a newly opened Berlin office, adding German felt like the right first language to help them in their ever-growing global expansion.

With a Webflow website and no native solution to translating it, their first thought was to approach the translation process manually. This led to poor results, not to mention it not being sustainable or scalable when newly added content relied so heavily on dev and marketing support.

They needed a product that increased the speed of translation and allowed them to effortlessly launch translated blog posts in German.

“Whilst providing a localized product has historically involved costly translation services and constant updates, Weglot makes the whole process simple and instantaneous. For, this has really helped us accelerate our entry into Germany and we’re sure that other companies will see similar benefits, too.”
Shane Forster
Country Manager DACH,

Removing the manual work

After doing some research they discovered Weglot and quickly found a solution that automated their translation process and removed the need for their clunky manual coding approach that was just not good for SEO nor the workflow of their team.

Their manual approach was also subject to human error, but with Weglot, that’s not something they needed to worry about anymore as every word on their blog was automatically detected, translated and displayed.

Weglot was an ideal choice for the team at as it dramatically reduced the time they were spending on translations both from a development point of view and the management side.

“The solution was ideal, and since Weglot already supported a large number of Saas companies, we were confident it could meet our needs.”
Rich Ball
Marketing Manager,

Their translation workflow improved tenfold. The content was automatically translated when they uploaded new English blogs – and they added a translator to their Weglot Dashboard to review and change the machine translations when needed.

And now for the results

“The biggest benefit we’ve seen is an increase in website traffic in the German market. This was 120% up from the previous year, and we put that down in large part to improved translation.”

Not only had German traffic increased by 120% on their blog, but they also believe it has boosted trust with their international customers, as it showed their continued commitment to customer-focused service, and they’ve seen higher conversion rates as a result.

But wait, a solution for their clients too? didn’t just stop at going multilingual on their own corporate blog – they also saw the value of Weglot for their clients too when it came to their product.

With operations in the UK, US, and Australia, and most recently an established presence in Europe with an office in Berlin, has seen substantial growth over the last few years.

An international client base meant users were regularly asking for the ability to translate the user-generated content they were displaying on their stores.

The team at was also finding that the pandemic has prompted many of their clients to embrace global ecommerce, selling across geographical borders, and connecting with customers that speak multiple languages – making multilingual a bigger priority for their product.

This led to creating a specific integration with Weglot, allowing their clients to display reviews for their international audience in their chosen language in the most effortless way possible!

“Our integration with Weglot will really help our clients to make their review collection process much more effective on an international scale. Being able to share reviews from one market to another will help a brand’s customers make even better buying decisions in the markets.”
Shane Forster
Country Manager DACH,
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Having seen the benefit of adding German to their blog, with a 120% increase in traffic compared to the previous year, is now looking to use Weglot on all their pages very soon.

Weglot was quick and efficient for the team and ultimately brought them closer to their customers who can now easily view the blog in their language of choice. And, not to mention, an integration with their product that benefits their users even more.

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