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How Weglot helps Fortune 500 Company NCR deliver translations across their global network intuitively, efficiently, and at scale.

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"We looked at many other solutions that had dozens of features that were costly and not actually required by the team. Weglot is incredibly usable, very cost-effective, accessible, and fast."

Dan Dawson

Sr. Manager & Principal Technologist

As a multinational company, NCR knew being able to serve website visitors with a translated website was a must. But having handled this manually in the past, it was quickly apparent that dealing with Word documents and Excel spreadsheets was too labor-intensive for their marketing team.

The Challenge

With a global network in 11 countries, NCR needed a translation solution that would adapt to their new website architecture and their content publishing process. The team at NCR had previously handled the translation of its site manually, copying and pasting translations from a Word document and dealing with the translation either internally or outsourcing to an agency, so they knew the realities of how problematic this was.

This process meant there was no automated system and no translation management platform.

Not only was it not working from a translation point of view but also from an SEO perspective. They had no specific setup in place for signaling to Google which page was in what language which meant their international SEO was nonexistent.

Following NCR’s acquisition of Cardtronics both digital marketing teams collaborated on how they could better handle website translation and having both experienced the pain of manual processes, a more managed approach was a priority.

The Evaluation

The team at NCR focused their search on looking for a solution with translation management capabilities that automated the way they handled their translation workflow.

The main questions they asked themselves were in relation to the overall cost, the timeline for going live, implementation ease, and the ongoing maintenance cost. They also took into consideration whether a tool could grow with their translation needs as and when they expanded.

Usability was also important. Whether they could find a tool that they could handle internally or would need a team of dedicated professionals was a deciding factor and one that would increase the cost if they went with the latter.

As a globally successful company, NCR has implemented many of its own systems on its website that would need to be translated, so finding a solution that could work with the unique aspects of its site was fundamental.

The team at NCR spent 4 weeks evaluating several enterprise website translation solutions, conducting deep-dive interviews, and understanding exactly what was needed to handle their translation project.

Together with their engineering team, they had numerous demos to determine the right translation solution for the team. What they found from competitor solutions was that many of their systems were too hidden which meant having to do several demos to understand the product in its entirety.

“Translation can get very expensive very quickly, and it’s not a subject that is super clear from a US-centric perspective. There tends to be a lack of knowledge on how to approach it. With Weglot, it does more than what you need and in an intuitive way.”

The Solution

After evaluating several website translation solutions, the team at NCR ultimately chose Weglot. The solution was intuitive and unlike other options they had spoken with, it didn’t require multiple demos to understand how to use it.

What impressed them about Weglot was the autonomy. Firstly, they were able to test Weglot using the free trial and without an initial demo. This allowed them to get straight to the testing stage and answer many of the questions they had through actually using the product.

“We looked at many other solutions that had dozens of features which although impressive were at an extra cost and not actually required by the team.”

Secondly, they found the Weglot solution overall very intuitive. This meant that once Weglot was installed and everything was configured they didn’t need to spend any extra time on the implementation side of things.

With Weglot, they launched a translated site in 12 languages, in under a month.

Using Weglot

When it came to using the tool Weglot included all the translation management features they were looking for. As they have a large global team they used 6 in-country marketers to manage the translations and make edits where needed.

They found Weglot so intuitive that there was little training needed as the team was able to pick up everything very quickly. They particularly like the visual editor and translations list and by combining both ways of managing their translations, everyone was happy.

The team at NCR was also impressed with the quality of translations given through Weglot. With a lot of mistrust surrounding machine translation, they found it to be a near-accurate first layer to work from and adjusted only 40% of the overall content.

Security-wise, the team customized Weglot by using a reverse proxy method to leverage their own CDN and optimize their website performance, complying with their strict security requirements.

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The team at NCR found a translation solution that gave them exactly what they were looking for in terms of ease of use, speed, and accuracy. The added element of customizing Weglot with reverse proxy meant Weglot was the ideal website translation tool to take their site global.

As they continue to expand, they have the confidence they’ve chosen a solution that can scale with their international demands.

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