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Maestrooo was looking for a reliable, stable multilingual solution — discover how their search ended!

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“Weglot is currently the best solution for building multilingual stores on Shopify and Shopify Plus. It also facilitates international deployment, one of our specialties.”

Axel Bouaziz

Co-founder of Maestrooo

Founded in 2013 by Axel Bouaziz and Michaël Gallego, Maestrooo first specialized in building web platforms based on the Zend Framework 2, before focusing on Shopify, primarily by developing official themes in partnership with Shopify’s Themes team. Their themes quickly became among the most famous and most used on Shopify. This success has naturally led Maestrooo to develop Shopify stores for renowned customers such as From Future and Patyka. Maestrooo now handles the majority of Shopify Plus customers in France.

Maestrooo was looking for a solid and reliable multilingual solution that could adapt to their customers’ requirements. “After testing many solutions like Langify or Localize.js which had problems with SEO or hreflang management, we discovered Weglot.” explains Axel Bouaziz, co-founder of Maestrooo.

MAestrooo staff

A reliable and flexible technical solution

One of the main advantages of Weglot is how the solution can easily be integrated with all other services, apps or themes that a merchant can use on their Shopify store. Weglot translates all the content of a Shopify store, whether it’s dynamic content, content generated by other apps or even the checkout process – without impacting the layout of the site.

“In addition to designing tailor-made websites for our customers, we develop official themes for Shopify’s Theme Store, which are amongst the most used on the platform. Other multilingual solutions often break the formatting of our themes or even destroy the very code of the theme – which causes obvious problems for merchants. So we started recommending Weglot to all these merchants to make their lives easier. This saves a huge amount of time for the users of our themes and also for our support team!”

Multilingual is always a complicated subject for merchants. It requires a new process for content publishing. “Some of our clients preferred to postpone the multilingual feature to a later date given the complexity of the topic. This is no longer the case with Weglot.”

Thanks to Weglot, merchants now have a set of easy-to-use tools at their disposal to manage their translations: a single interface where they can find all the content to be translated, a first automatic translation layer, automatic optimization for multilingual SEO, a visual editor, etc. Multilingual is no longer a pain for merchants thanks to Weglot.

A support team always very reactive

Maestrooo website

Weglot invested early on in a high-quality support team: easily reachable technical experts who are very familiar with the subject of multilingualism and even with other advanced topics such as SEO on cross-country deployment challenges. A large part of Weglot’s success is due to the quality of its customer service.

“The level of support is just perfect and the Weglot team is always there to listen to our feedback and advise us on complex cases.”
“The level of support is just perfect and the Weglot team is always there to listen to our feedback and advise us on complex cases.” explains Axel Bouaziz. “When we integrate Weglot on a customer’s store, we know that the Weglot support team is there to answer our questions. Once the project is finished and delivered to the client, we can calmly pass the torch to their team, who will always be there to answer our client’s questions about their multilingual issues.”
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Today, with their themes, apps and tailor-made websites, Maestrooo helps between 8,000 and 12,000 customers per year to get started with Shopify. Several hundred of them use Weglot to make their stores multilingual.

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