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Creative web agency EditStudio needed a fast translation solution to help its burgeoning beauty, fashion, and lifestyle clients cement their international presence. Weglot was exactly what they were looking for.

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“We searched high and low for a seamless website translation solution that offered high-quality, automatic output, an intuitive interface, and easy editing. Weglot ticked all the boxes.”

Federico Coccia

Co-Founder, EditStudio Agency

Founded in 2017, EditStudio is a multidisciplinary agency specializing in lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Their unmatched eye for detail and visual harmony make them a perfect fit for aesthetic-minded clients. As masters in creative expression, their large-scale digital solutions help their clients attract, convert, and retain customers.

Trusted by big names like Diesel, Fendi, and Netflix, EditStudio produces innovative campaigns that inspire creativity in their clients’ customers. From Content to Strategy to Branding & Commerce, EditStudio is a one-stop-shop for all marketing and branding needs.

But they needed to take it a step further for clients that wanted to go global—and stand out from competitors in their target markets. Something that translated websites without any fuss.

And they found exactly what they needed in Weglot: a website translation solution that made it effortless to translate their clients’ websites. It ticked all the boxes so easily that they went on to create several multilingual projects.

Peninsula Swimwear, one of EditStudio’s clients that exponentially expanded its market reach after offering its website in numerous languages.

Quick and simple onboarding

Given the agency’s many clients, they needed a solution that was easy to teach and onboard. After all, they eventually have to turn over the translated website back to their clients, who would then be responsible for managing the multilingual site.

They discovered Weglot, which instantly provided a first layer of machine translation.

In fact, Weglot’s automated workflow seamlessly integrated into EditStudio’s: once they finish evaluating their clients’ needs and target languages for their websites, the agency then sets up Weglot and reviews the translated pages. They fine-tune the translations further to improve the accuracy.

EditStudio also relied on Weglot’s many video resources, like the Weglot Academy tutorials, and the demo, to create a seamless onboarding experience for their clients. They also walked the clients through the task of accessing and reviewing translations.

Thanks to Weglot’s intuitive, no-code interface, collaborating with their numerous clients and setting up fully translated websites for each of them has never been easier. Each client had full access to the dashboard, allowing them to examine and polish the translations until they’re satisfied with the accuracy and cultural relevance.

“For creative agencies serving dozens of clients at a time like ours, it’s imperative to find a solution that makes our job easier. Weglot makes something as complicated as website translation almost impossibly effortless.”

Instant multilingual sites for their clients

When you’re trying to enter a new market, time is of the essence. The traditional workflow of translating a website could take weeks or even months, depending on the volume of content being translated. Professional translators or linguists would then pore over each piece of text. Developers would then have to manually code it in, making for a lengthy, time-consuming project!

EditStudio couldn’t afford to lose months on this task, especially when more and more of their clients began requesting multilingual websites. And that’s where Weglot came in, as the website translation tool was capable of translating an entire website into multiple languages within mere minutes.

That spelled good news for EditStudio, who needed to help their clients act on their growth plans and reach their target markets. It also made it easier for them to educate their other clients on the benefits of offering content in various languages: increasing conversions, improving user experience, and reaching a wider audience.

white mood homepage

For instance, one of EditStudio’s projects is White Mood, a multi-brand store. After translating its website into six languages, it increased its international sales threefold. On average, their clients see a 35% increase in international traffic!

User-friendly, automatic implementation

One of EditStudio’s biggest pain points was looking for website translation solution that was easy to navigate and offered high-quality, instant translations. When you’re servicing the different needs of clients all over the world, you need a flexible solution that simplifies the complexities in website translation.

Weglot’s user-friendly software swooped in to save the day. It automatically creates subdirectories or subdomains for translated content, guaranteeing a clean, organized website structure for each of EditStudio’s clients. This feature also removed the issues of compatibility that arise when working with different marketplaces.

And, it’s not only the translation and displaying aspects that EditStudio benefit from, Weglot also instantly implements hreflang tags, which is a vital part of international SEO. These attributes signal to search engines that these translated pages have a distinct relationship with the main site—they aren’t duplicates.

What’s more, Weglot’s Visual Editor offered immediate, real-time translation updates. That means EditStudio could easily make changes to the content without having to navigate code or undergo tedious manual processes. With Weglot’s intuitive translation management, EditStudio could confidently supply top-quality translated websites to all their clients.

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By leveraging Weglot’s powerful translation features and EditStudio’s expertise in web design and development, this web agency continues to help clients grow their businesses and reach new audiences across the globe with ease.

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