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Learn how SCS Global Services found a website translation solution that allowed the team to combine neural machine translation and full editing control for an accurately translated site at scale.

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“We were able to track 170+ leads coming in so far this year through translated pages. It is a big win for us from a marketing perspective as we can see what is selling in the different regions and we have Weglot to thank for this deeper level of intel!”

Tom Ehart

Corporate Marketing Director, SCS Global Services

SCS Global Services, is a trusted leader in third-party certification, working within natural resources, built environment, food and agriculture, consumer products, and climate sectors.

With a mission to advance sustainable development goals around the world, SCS Global Services partners with companies, government agencies, NGOs, and stakeholders. Such a global mission requires a fully multilingual website to ensure they reach everyone their mission touches.

Full translations editing control

SCS Global Services was previously using the Google Translate widget, which gave them a fully translated website, but zero control over the translations being displayed on its site.

During the time it was using the widget, SCS regularly received negative feedback on the quality of the translations displayed with no way to change errors. Simple things like brand and service names were also being directly translated leading to confusion. This lack of control was a significant point of frustration for the Sales and Marketing teams.

When the Google Translate widget was discontinued in 2019, the team at SCS Global Services needed to find a website translation solution that allowed it to use the speed of machine translation, but most importantly, give it the ability to edit those translations.

The option of going down a more manual route of duplicating their website and using a professional translator was too budget-heavy and most of all time-consuming, both internally and externally.

It was essential for SCS Global Services to have a multilingual website that they could be proud of and that worldwide website visitors could fully understand.

By chance, a Weglot email ended up in their inbox, with both of their top requirements included.

“A big frustration with using the Google Translate widget was that we couldn’t make direct edits to any of our website translations. We received regular feedback that there were numerous errors on our site.”

Easy translation management workflow

SCS Global Services has affiliates all over the world who speak the language of the country they’re working within, meaning it has numerous people on hand that can help perfect their website translations.

Previously, feedback on the translations couldn’t be taken into account, but with Weglot, this is no longer a problem. SCS now has an easy way to make instant edits that are then immediately live on the website.

“The biggest benefit is the ability to go in and edit the translations, which never happened before.”

The marketing team at SCS Global Services created a new process enabling local affiliates to reach out with any needed edits. The marketing team can then go into the Weglot Dashboard and implement the change instantly, providing a great flow between both parties.

With a small team handling the translation edits internally, Weglot has proved a valuable solution for ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. The easy-to-use interface allows for a translation to be updated in seconds.

The team also makes use of Weglot’s glossary feature adding rules to ensure that brand and service names remain consistent across the website and are well translated.

“We’ve seen a big benefit with using Weglot. We now have relatively few complaints and have peace of mind that the translations on our website are accurate.”

A bonus that SCS didn’t expect was that it has also had an SEO boost thanks to Weglot adding technical SEO aspects such as hreflang tags and translated metadata that give the website better visibility in search engines. This is something that was previously not possible with the Google Translate widget.

In addition, because the translated Weglot pages are prefaced with a country domain (for example, the marketing team is now able to easily track leads that enter its CRM through translated pages. This not only helps determine sales engagement based on language preference, but also helps to showcase products and services that are being reviewed on the website in specific languages and countries for better targeting and outreach.

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The team at SCS Global Services found a website translation solution that allows it to translate the website instantly using machine translation, with most importantly the added advantage of being able to make manual edits.

It now handles the editing and management of 16 languages without issue and has received positive internal and external feedback based on the quality of the Weglot translations. The team has found a website translation solution that can scale as the company grows and continue to provide a translated website for its stakeholders.

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