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With over 10,000 companies from 86 countries relying on’s customer conversation management platform, they needed a fast, intuitive, and powerful website translation solution to reach their diverse audience. They found everything they needed (and more) in Weglot. 

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“Our company grew rapidly, which means our target markets multiplied faster than expected. The only way to keep them engaged was to localize our website into multiple languages as fast as possible. And Weglot did all of that for us with minimal effort on our part.” 

Polina Usynina

Project Lead

Customer conversations made easy, founded in 2017, is an intuitive customer conversation management platform that simplifies communication between businesses and clients.

Its software provides a platform where companies can manage their conversations from one place, regardless of the messaging channel. With clients including Klook, Decathlon, and British Airways, is used by 10,000+ companies worldwide.

But with their rapidly growing global customer base—86 countries and counting—they quickly needed a solution to translate their website for their target markets. Something they could easily personalize, was compatible with multilingual SEO, and could quickly reach their international audience.

Multiple pain points, one solution

A significant portion of their customers did not speak English natively, which potentially meant a huge undertaking in translating, optimizing, and localizing each language version of their website.

There were many other website translation solutions they tried that promised to be effective and comprehensive. But none of them fit the bill: they were too complex, cumbersome, and had a steep learning curve to implement properly for their website.

The team at needed a more streamlined and user-friendly solution that could quickly and efficiently translate the whole website content. That's when they discovered Weglot, which provided them with the simplicity and functionality they were seeking for their website translation needs.

Weglot offered an automated solution that instantly detected, scanned, then translated their website content—a feature that significantly benefited the team since it took care of all the pain points associated with a manual translation workflow.

For this reason, Weglot provided a lower maintenance effort than many of the other options the team at looked into. By minimizing the maintenance effort required for translation management and upkeep, Weglot streamlined their localization team’s workflow and ensured that translations stayed up to date.

A feature-rich website translation solution

Thanks to Weglot’s user-friendly interface and translation management features, the team didn’t need to navigate complex technical aspects or coding requirements.

They had easy access to tools and functionalities that made translation management trouble-free, like filtering and search tools, bulk editing, and the glossary. That meant they were able to launch multiple languages in days rather than months.

The Visual Editor, a highly appreciated and time-saving feature, allowed the team and their outsourced translators to review the translated content within the context of a live preview of the website. Through this editor, they easily made immediate changes—with Weglot instantly translating and displaying them. That way, they ensured that the translations were faithful to the intended meaning and context of the original text.

Weglot also made it easy for them to edit the translations outside the Visual Editor, too. Through the Translations List, the localization team could easily locate the target language, look for the specific translation, then make the desired changes. And even better for the team, the revisions are implemented right away.

They also found Weglot’s customer support team incredibly responsive and helpful when they needed assistance with any of the above features. They consistently provided punctual assistance to each of their concerns, and Weglot’s comprehensive help center was also indispensable for helping maximize the platform.

We are highly satisfied with Weglot’s customer support. Their attention to customers and willingness to improve their solution has been commendable. We appreciate their responsiveness and dedication to ensuring a positive experience for their customers.

Less manual effort, increased performance

With their website available in 15 different languages, automatic translation was  invaluable to Naturally, they wanted to make some edits in certain languages to achieve the standard and quality needed to deliver their message effectively.

For some languages, they chose to manually edit translations, like Spanish and Arabic. Manually editing translations for their core website pages allowed them to offer a more personalized and engaging user experience for their visitors. It helped them localize their content better, raise the quality, and overall improve their website performance through their SEO and user engagement.

And that’s also where Weglot stood out: it significantly reduced the maintenance effort needed to retain the high-quality translation of their website. Weglot’s synchronization feature automatically detected and translated new and edited content without their involvement.

Unmatched scalability and flexibility

For a company serving clients in nearly 90 countries, it was of utmost importance to find a solution that accommodated their wide range of needs. preferred hosting their translated content under language subdirectories—something Weglot offered.

Implementing subdirectories was painless. Weglot flawlessly integrated with’s website, and they enabled subdirectories for language translations with ease.

Using subdirectories allowed them to direct all website traffic to their main domain, consolidating their SEO gains and boosting their domain authority.

This consolidation also allowed the team at to have a more precise view of their website performance. Instead of needing to consult different analytics to review the traffic and user behavior of their website’s different language versions, they enjoyed a unified user experience since everything was in one place.

More perks they discovered since opting for language subdirectories: seamless management of redirects, fully-functioning cross-domain cookies, and a simpler way for users to browse through different language versions of their website.

Since using Weglot, there’s been a significant influx in website traffic. For example, the impressions for one of the languages grew more than 2x within one year. Though this is definitely the work of our talented content team, the massive impact of making it available in numerous languages is undeniable.
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Conclusion was quickly expanding all over the world. They needed a simple, user-friendly, yet powerful website translation solution to cater to their growing international audience.

Weglot fit the bill perfectly, offering a streamlined and user-friendly solution that made it effortless to launch their website in 15 different languages.

Thanks to Weglot, experienced a substantial surge in website traffic, successfully catered to their international audience spanning almost 90 countries, and achieved positive outcomes that significantly benefited their business.

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