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Angell Mobility & MINI by Stellar

Wanting to share a reimagined classic—MINI’s first electric bike—with the world, Angell Mobility needed a simple, seamless solution to launch a multilingual website for the MINI brand’s loyal fan base.

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Angell Mobility & MINI by Stellar
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After many trials and integrations of different third-party tools, we have come to the conclusion that nothing out there beats Weglot. As an agency, the setup is super smooth. But most of all, our clients love the experience.

Volkier Bentinck

Co-Founder of Stellar

Angell Mobility, an innovative designer and developer of smartbikes, knew what their next venture would be: fusing their cutting-edge technology and streamlined design with a classic brand. So they partnered with the BMW Group, owner of the MINI brand, to exclusively co-create and debut MINI’s first electric bike.

The result: a connected e-bike that blended Angell’s signature carbon and aluminum with MINI’s trademark playful aesthetics.

Released worldwide as a limited edition, Angell Mobility developed 1959 units, a number chosen in homage to the year the beloved Mini Cooper was first created.

Reaching a strong global fan base—quickly

Initially, Angell wanted to roll out individual Shopify stores tailored to each target country to distribute the MINI e-bikes. However, after exploring out numerous tools and apps, they soon realized how time-consuming and complex this would be. Multiple storefronts would involve jumping from one app to another, hampering them from effectively launching MINI’s first electric bike internationally.

They reached out to their digital partner Stellar, a leading Shopify & Shopify Plus agency in the French market, to look for their ideal solution: a fast, user-friendly way to launch a website capable of hosting numerous language versions. Having already extensively explored multiple website translation solutions compatible with Shopify, Stellar recommended Weglot for its simplicity and easy scalability.

Stellar's constant aim is to provide full and detailed guidance to its customers, bearing in mind the technical requirements and structural choices each project needs. As the project needed an efficient way to manage translated content in several languages while setting up a store designed for international growth, the agency had no hesitation in recommending Weglot.

Its features—including speedy servers that allowed them to edit strategic translations within minutes—were consistent in the many experiences they had with Weglot, which offered exactly what they were looking for.

Armed with a scalable website translation solution, they opted for a single international store available in 4 localized language versions to hurtle MINI’s first e-bike into international success.

MINI website

Smooth, simple onboarding

Stellar wanted a tool that was so easy to use, yet robust, that it required little to no onboarding.

Weglot fit the bill, given its wide-ranging translation editing capabilities: the Visual Editor, where Stellar and Angell could instantly edit translations within a live preview of the MINI and Angell Mobility website; the Translations List, where they could easily locate translations and fine-tune them; editing the translations per URL; importing and exporting translations through .CSV files and more, all in one dashboard. The slug translation feature was also a great asset for implementing international SEO strategies.

They also found the Weglot Dashboard intuitive to navigate, making it easy for the non-tech-savvy to use. It had such a clean, straightforward interface that anyone could start editing the translations generated by Weglot.

And, despite the technical differences from their usual projects, Stellar was able to create a smooth, multilingual path for their customers so they could quickly navigate between the Angell and MINI e-bike sites.

Weglot provided a reliable technical environment for translations, allowing us to focus most of our attention and efforts elsewhere.

One site, several new markets

Weglot allowed them to deploy and test new languages—and therefore explore new markets—immediately, thanks to the first layer of high-quality automatic translations it supplied. Angell easily added English, German, and Italian to their French site under subdomains, enjoying a substantial boost in website traffic and with 50% of sales coming from overseas.

MINI website

Plus, Angell was able to run targeted media tests on certain countries and even specific cities. Through this, they speedily gained insights that informed their international marketing campaigns.

Their translation team had full autonomy over managing the content, allowing them to localize each language version on a granular level. They didn’t have to worry about syncing content across languages; any changes they made were instantly translated by Weglot, which they could then tweak to their standard.

Another feature they enjoyed was that it was easy to edit product catalogs and numerous content fields within seconds, allowing for a continuously updated, translated, and localized MINI e-bike website.

After an initial launch in France, the MINI E-Bike 1 became an international venture in only a few weeks—a feat that Weglot helped make possible.

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Having the privilege and exclusive license to distribute MINI’s first-ever electric bike worldwide, Angell Mobility required a quick yet comprehensive solution to create a suitable multilingual storefront. Not only that, but they needed a tool that could scale with their growth as they ventured into new markets.

They worked closely with Stellar to bring this innovation to international customers and found Weglot to be the ideal solution, which helped them streamline the process of translating and releasing content in 4 languages. This approach of offering a more customized, localized experience to their customers carved a positive market entry for them, with additional prospects for growth in sight.

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