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Everything you need to translate, display and manage your multilingual website, with full editing control.

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Say goodbye to language barriers

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Remove the complexity
of website translation

Connect Weglot with any website technology for a fully translated and displayed website in minutes. Without development efforts, our simple integration can be handled by anyone in your team.

Put your website translation project on autopilot

Automatic content detection scans and detects the text, images, and SEO metadata of your site, replacing the process of manually gathering website content for translation. Just sit back and let Weglot continuously detect and translate any new content or page as you go.

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Translation quality without months of manual work

Remove lengthy back-and-forth processes between the marketing team, translators, and developers with integrated translation management tools. Get complete editing control over your translations by adding translators to your dashboard, assigning tasks, collaborating with teammates and/or ordering professional translations within your own Weglot project dashboard.

Reach new audiences
with multilingual SEO

Say hi to your new visitors! Automatically created language subdomains or subdirectories, hreflang tag implementation, and translated metadata rank your translated pages on search engines.

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Connect Weglot easily with your favorite tools

Don’t change the way your website works. Weglot is compatible with all Content Management Systems, web technologies and tools.

Time to open your website to the world

Time to open your
website to the world

Get started for free and have a multilingual website up and running in minutes.

Hear it from our satisfied customers

Weglot’s impact speaks for itself with customers reporting more than a 400% traffic and a 20% conversion rate increase!

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