Weglot removes  manual website translation tasks

Automate the way you handle your website translation project with Weglot

Weglot removes the manual tasks of website translation

Automatic content detection

Weglot automatically scans, detects, and translates all the content on your website, without you having to do a thing.

By automatically detecting content, you won’t have to worry about untranslated pages or paragraphs if your team regularly adds content and updates pages.

Any new words or pages added to your original website are instantly translated giving you the flexibility to manually edit or approve those translations later on (if you choose to).

As your website evolves, Weglot ensures that you’ll always have a fully translated website, with continuous content and translation syncing.

Automatic content detection
Clear task management

Clear task management

Centralize your project by handling all your translations through your Weglot Dashboard, including 3rd party app and plugin content. Translations can then be assigned to teammates or translators, or they can be sent directly to professional translators.

Alternatively, you can use the export/import feature to manage your translations independently of your dashboard. Your site’s translated pages or sentences can be downloaded in an instant, sent to a translator outside your dashboard, and imported once completed.

Translation glossary

Keep your translations consistent and avoid correcting the same words multiple times with a built-in glossary of terms.

Available to import/export, you can build your glossary list inside or outside of your Weglot Dashboard and set rules consistent with your brand.

Plus, benefit from Weglot’s translation memory. Only translate CTA buttons or reviews once if you have duplicates across your website.

Translation glossary

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