Automate your website translation project

Save time and get better results faster by automating your website translation workflow.

Weglot removes the manual tasks of website translationPattern

Key features to accelerate your website translation project

Content detection

Translation memory

Visual editing

Export and import


Put your website translation project on auto-pilot

Content detection

Content detection

Weglot automatically scans, detects, and translates your entire website continuously, ensuring that no content is ever left untranslated.

Translation memory

Translation memory

​​With translation memory, you can save time and money. Use the same translation for repetitive phrases throughout your website (tagline, CTA, etc.).



Keep your translations consistent and avoid editing the same words repeatedly with a built-in glossary of terms.

Team collaboration
All-in-one dashboard

Centralize your translation management

Manage your translation project in one place through a dedicated dashboard (including content generated by 3rd party apps and plugins) and keep your translations in a separate dashboard.

Collaborate with teammates and translators, assign translations, and review progress in real time to dramatically reduce the back-and-forth communications usually handled in your inbox.

Remove the manual work
Visual editor
Visual editor

Edit translations live and in context

Edit and manage your translations through a live preview of your website and see exactly where each translation is in context. Navigate through your website with ease and prioritize editing the most visible pages. Edits are updated and live on your site instantly.

This feature also allows you to see any text expansion or contraction caused by your target language taking up more or less space so that you can edit translations accordingly. 

Why 70k+ global brands automate their translation projects

hours saved
Source: Angell Stella
hours saved
Source: Parkdepot
The biggest win for us is the time we’ve saved. It takes us about ten minutes twice a week to double-check everything is running how we want it. Everything else is done by Weglot.
Adèle Aubry
Ecommerce Manager, The Bradery
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URL exclusion

Only translate the pages you need

Not everything on your original website needs to be translated when entering new markets. For example, you may not want certain services or products available. Weglot allows you to exclude certain pages and blocks on your site from translation so you can focus on the pages that matter in your new target markets.

Your translated website is live!
Import/Export feature
Translation management

Manage your translations outside of Weglot

Do you prefer editing your translations outside of your Weglot Dashboard? Use Weglot’s export/import functionality to manage your translations independently of your dashboard. When you're ready, import them back into your translation project.

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We understand the importance of reliable support when it comes to managing your multilingual website. With Weglot, you get access to a reactive support team who are on hand to answer your questions.

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Interactive product demo

Experience the power of Weglot with our interactive demo that takes you through the full process of translating a website in just 2 minutes.

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Common questions

How does content detection work?
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Weglot ensures that 100% of your website is fully translated at all times. It does this by:
1. Scanning your website's original content
2. Generating translations into your newly added language
3. Storing your translations in your Weglot Dashboard
4. Displaying the translated content on your website
Can I edit my translations before I go live?
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Yes! Simply toggle off the ‘Make public’ option within your Weglot Dashboard and edit your translations in private mode. Switch it back on when you’re ready to go live!
How does translation memory work?
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Weglot’s translation memory feature scans your Translation List to find sentences that are similar to new content that needs to be translated. It compares the new translations with the translations already stored and then calculates a percentage of similarity. If a match is found, the previously translated content can be reused, helping to speed up your translation editing process.
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