How to Translate a Website with Weglot

Learn how Weglot works and what you'll explore in our "How to translate a website with Weglot" course!

1. Getting Started

Welcome to Weglot

Welcome to Weglot! In this course, we'll explore step-by-step how you can use Weglot to transform your website into a multilingual one and provide a localized user experience to your visitors from all over the world.

Whether you're running an ecommerce store, a personal blog, or a corporate website, Weglot simplifies the translation process, making it accessible to everyone. So you don't need any technical knowledge to make your website multilingual!

So, how does Weglot work?

Once you connect Weglot to your website and select the languages you'd like to offer, your website visitors will be able to see these language options thanks to an automatically added language switcher.

So let's say the original language of your website is English and you added French through Weglot.

Now when a visitor lands on your website, they will see a switcher that shows them the language options available on your website. In our example, they will see the "French" option.

What happens when the visitor selects "French" in the language switcher? Weglot goes to work!

It takes the original English content of your website and sends it to machine translation engines like DeepL. Then, it creates a mirrored version of your website with the automatically translated content, accessible through subdirectories or subdomains (e.g.: or

This means your website becomes instantly available in the requested language!

But you might want to review and edit your automatic translations to make sure they convey your message correctly and in the tone you want.

Using Weglot, you can easily edit your automatic translations yourself, or invite teammates to your project to work on the translations together, or have professional translators review them. But that's not all!

Your Weglot Dashboard is your all-in-one stop not only for editing translations but for all the features you might need to refine your multilingual website.

You can also display localized images and videos on your translated pages, create a glossary to automate your own translation rules, analyze the performance of your multilingual website, and much more, directly in your Weglot dashboard.

In this course we'll show you all the key features and explain how you can use them. You can start your free Weglot trial here to follow along.

Ready to get started? Let's go!


Integrating Weglot to your Website

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1. Getting Started
Welcome to Weglot
1. Getting Started
Understanding Word Count
2. Translation Management
Generating Translations
2. Translation Management
Excluding Translations
2. Translation Management
Editing Translations
2. Translation Management
Ordering Professional Translations
2. Translation Management
Import & Export Translations
3. Multilingual Design & Localization
Designing the Languages Switcher
3. Multilingual Design & Localization
Redirecting by User Language
3. Multilingual Design & Localization
Media Translation
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