How to Translate a Website with Weglot

Learn how to customize your default language switcher.

3. Multilingual Design & Localization

Designing the Languages Switcher

Weglot provides you with a simple language switcher by default. You can then customize the design of your switcher to fit your website and branding. Here are the main ways to modify your language switcher:

1. Change the Language Switcher Options:

  • Navigate to Weglot Dashboard > Projects > Select a project > Settings > Language Switcher.
  • Modify elements like language name, full language name, language flags (square, circle, rectangle), and switcher type (list/dropdown).
  • In the "Switcher Appearance" section, drag and drop languages to change their position.
  • Click "Save changes" to apply your modifications.

2. Add Some Custom CSS:

  • On Weglot Dashboard > Settings > Language Switcher, find the option to add custom CSS.
  • Infuse your switcher with a unique style by incorporating custom CSS.
  • Get inspired by different styles or refer to the examples provided in the resources section.

3. Use the Switcher Editor:

  • Explore sections inside the Switcher Editor to create a personalized switcher design or utilize Weglot templates.
  • Check the "Switcher style" section for a variety of templates. Click to select and place them on your webpage.

4. Create Your Own Custom Switcher:

  • If you desire a completely unique switcher to align with your website's CSS, create a custom switcher.
  • Set up its design independently and use Weglot functions to link to your chosen languages.
  • Explore Weglot's developer documentation for useful JavaScript functions: Weglot JavaScript Functions

In the next lesson, we’ll see how you can redirect users by their browser language automatically.


Redirecting by User Language

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3. Multilingual Design & Localization
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