How to Translate a Website with Weglot

Learn how to integrate Weglot to your website in 4 easy steps.

1. Getting Started

Integrating Weglot to your Website

The video above shows the general integration process.
Check out our playlist to watch the specific tutorial for your CMS.

Ready to make your website multilingual without any code? Let’s go!

Step 1: Create a Weglot Account

Sign up for a Weglot account here and don’t forget to confirm your account via the email we sent you. You’re officially a Weglot user! Go back to your Weglot Dashboard, give your project a name and choose your website technology or CMS. If it's not listed, select "Other."

Step 2: Connect Your Website

Follow the setup steps as instructed. You can also follow our step by step integration guides or watch a video tutorial for your website technology from the playlist.

Step 3 (optional): Set Up New DNS Entries

For subdomain integration, add a CNAME entry for each translated language. You can watch our video tutorials to see how it’s done.

For subdirectory integration, edit DNS entries in your domain registrar. If unsure, reach out to [email protected] for help.

Step 4: It's Done!

Visit your website, and you'll see the language button at the bottom right. Change languages through the switcher to view your translated website for the very first time!

In the next module, we’ll learn how to manage translations.


Understanding Word Count

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1. Getting Started
Welcome to Weglot
1. Getting Started
Understanding Word Count
2. Translation Management
Generating Translations
2. Translation Management
Excluding Translations
2. Translation Management
Editing Translations
2. Translation Management
Ordering Professional Translations
2. Translation Management
Import & Export Translations
3. Multilingual Design & Localization
Designing the Languages Switcher
3. Multilingual Design & Localization
Redirecting by User Language
3. Multilingual Design & Localization
Media Translation
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