How to Translate a Website with Weglot

Learn how to exclude certain parts of your website from translation and stay within a word count limit.

2. Translation Management

Excluding Translations

With Weglot, you have full control over what gets translated on your website. For example, you can choose to only translate your most visited pages (homepage, pricing, etc.) or exclude certain translations to remain within your plan’s word limit. Here’s how to do it:

1. Exclude URLs:

a. Using Exclusion Rules:

  • Visit Project Settings > Translation Exclusions.
  • Add the relative URL of the page to exclude (e.g., /page1/).
  • Choose options like Contain, End with, Start with, Is exactly, or Match regex for flexible exclusion.
  • Click "Add Rule" to exclude more URLs. Keep in mind that Weglot doesn't automatically remove the translations related to the excluded pages. Once the pages are excluded, you'll need to delete the translations related to these pages manually. See: How to definitely remove a translation?

b. Exclude URLs When Deleting Translations:

Deleting URLs in your dashboard doesn’t exclude those URLs from getting translated in the future. To make sure the translations associated with the deleted URL never gets translated again, choose to exclude URLs from translation option in the confirmation popup.

  • Navigate to Weglot Dashboard > Translations > URLs.
  • Select URLs to delete, click the "bin" icon.
  • Confirm deletion and choose to exclude URLs from translations.
  • View URL exclusions in Weglot Dashboard > Settings > Translations Exclusions.

2. Exclude Blocks:

  • Exclude specific parts of your website like the header.
  • Go to Project Settings > Translation Exclusions > Excluded blocks.
  • Paste the CSS selector of the block (use Inspect element in your browser to find it).
  • Add as many selectors as needed for non-translation of the content.
  • Note: Weglot doesn't automatically remove translations related to excluded pages or blocks; manual deletion is required.

In the next lesson, we’ll learn how to edit automatic translations.


Editing Translations

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