Multilingual SEO for Beginners

Learn how to translate keywords for multilingual SEO.

2. Unlocking Global SEO Potential

How to Translate Keywords in 4 Steps

In this module, we’ll dive deeper into the best multilingual SEO practices. As with regular SEO, keywords are crucial for multilingual SEO success.

Therefore, translating your keywords into new languages is essential. However, it's not merely about direct translation; effective keyword translation involves localization, considering cultural nuances and language variations. To achieve this, follow a strategic process: make a comprehensive list of existing keywords, translate and localize them, assess viability through tools and searches, refine as needed, and consider using automatic translation tools like Weglot for efficiency. This approach ensures your keywords align with the local context, enhancing organic traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately, sales in diverse markets.

In the next lesson, we’ll look into the most dreaded aspect of multilingual SEO, the hreflang tag (it’s easier than it sounds, we promise!)


How to Add Hreflang Tags to Your Website

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