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How to translate your Shopify exit pop up?

How to translate your Shopify exit pop up?
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Augustin Prot
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June 19, 2023

You’re already running a multilingual Shopify store, using the Weglot App to display your products and website in different languages.

You decided to improve your overall conversion rate using an exit tool to collect additional leads and retarget them with dedicated actions.

One great option to do that is Wheelio.

Wheelio, a gamified exit pop-up

Wheelio offers a new way to do exit pop-ups, relying on interaction and engagement through gamification.

Like traditional exit pop-ups, Wheelio appears when you’re trying to exit the page. Unlike traditional exit pop-ups, it creates interaction, by displaying a wheel of fortune you can spin to potentially win a coupon. Visitors might feel there is a chance to win something big, so the perceived value of the coupon would increase.

Wheelio is now serving 6,000 users and according to its founder, they’re able to reach an average capture rate of 12%. It’s above the industry average of 1%.

However, it’s only working if your visitors can read and understand what’s written on the wheel.

Weglot and Wheelio, the perfect match

The idea came from one of our users, as always. He had Weglot on his website to display his Shopify store in different languages (6).

It helped him to provide an enhanced experience to his visitors, optimizing his conversion funnel and reaching more potential customers.

To complete the optimization of his visitors experience, he added Wheelio. So we made the necessary improvements to make Wheelio and Weglot work together. The idea is to make sure visitors see the wheel exit pop-up in the same language than the one selected on the website.

So for example, if the visitor is French, the website will be automatically displayed in French and the Wheel exit pop-up will be displayed in French too. It’s the same for Spanish or any other selected language, see the image below for French.

Weglot and Wheelio work perfectly together providing a full experience in the visitors’ language.

If you want to go one step further, you can also check How you could translation your Shopify invoice.

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