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Lokalise vs. The Rest: Unmasking the Best Alternatives

Lokalise vs. The Rest: Unmasking the Best Alternatives
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
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May 16, 2024

The ability to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic barriers is crucial for businesses that need to expand their reach and engage with diverse audiences.

As Jeanne Fricaudet, Product Manager at Weglot, puts it:

"Effective localization is not just about translating text; it's about connecting with your audience on a deeply personal level, ensuring your message resonates across different cultures."

Among the tools designed to solve such problems, Lokalise stands out as a popular solution thanks to its comprehensive features that cater to translation management and localization processes. However, while its strong capabilities have made it a go-to for many, it might not align perfectly with the unique requirements of every business.

This is why in this article, we’ll go through the most recognized Lokalise alternatives, providing a detailed comparison so you can identify the perfect solution for your business.

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Understanding Lokalise: A Comprehensive Overview

Lokalise homepage
Lokalise homepage

Lokalise is a leading tool in the translation management space. It combines AI-powered translations with automated processes to offer a localized experience that feels natural to website visitors. This technology ensures that translations are not just accurate but also resonate with the tone, style, and nuances specific to each industry and audience.

Its best features include:

  • Style Guides and Glossaries: Use these to adapt translations to match your brand voice. By adding style guides and glossaries, you ensure consistency across all your content, maintaining the integrity of your brand's voice across different languages.
  • Centralized Workspace: Allows you to manage translation tasks and organize localization workflows efficiently. It's designed to keep everything in one place, from managing teams to tracking progress, making the complex process of localization smooth and manageable.
  • Powerful Integrations: Lokalise has many developer resources and built-in connections to platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket, and Jira that fit seamlessly into the development phase, helping teams streamline their workflow and localize web and mobile apps, chatbots, documents, and marketing assets.

Keep in mind, however, that Lokalise doesn’t allow you to manually edit translations by yourself. Instead, you need to order professional translations from their own team which can add on top of your final spending.

Pricing for Lokalise starts at $120/month for basic plans, catering to small to medium-sized businesses. Larger businesses with more specific needs can consult Lokalise's sales team for customized solutions.

Exploring Top Alternatives to Lokalise

Lokalise is a great tool, but it might not be a perfect fit for everyone, which is why we're exploring top alternatives that offer different features and strengths.


Weglot homepage
Weglot homepage

Weglot is a powerful alternative to Lokalise, offering simplicity, efficiency, and broad compatibility. It’s a versatile translation tool that requires no technical knowledge to set up and maintain a translated website.

Here’s what makes Weglot an excellent choice for businesses seeking to improve their international presence:

  • Ease of Use: Weglot makes users’ lives easier by enabling translation management from a single cohesive dashboard. From here, admins and translators can manage all translation projects, order professional translations, access the visual editor, and more.
Weglot Dashboard listing the languages your website is available in
Weglot Translation Dashboard

Rapid Deployment: With Weglot, you can have your website translated and localized in just a few minutes, allowing you to reach a global audience quickly. Creating an account only takes two minutes, and the automatic translation of all website content starts immediately. On top of that, every time you add new pieces of content, they also get translated automatically.

  • Translation memory: For people on the Enterprise and Extended plans, there is the option to enable translation memory. When you start to edit a string, the tool will automatically check for similar past translations that have been reviewed or edited. If such examples exist, a menu will appear to show them to you, along with the percentage of similarity. You can then choose to copy and paste it or just draw inspiration from it to help with translation.
  • Extensive Language Support: Offering translations in over 110 languages, Weglot ensures that businesses can reach a wide international audience without barriers. You have the ability to add region-specific languages such as British-English and Canadian-French through the translation glossary feature.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Weglot follows best practices for multilingual SEO, ensuring that your translated content is indexed and ranks in global search engine results, driving organic traffic from different regions. It translates media and metadata and automatically adds hreflang attributes.
Weglot metadata translation
Weglot metadata translation
  • Automatic and Human Translations: Weglot uses a combination of reliable machine translation providers, including DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft, to automatically detect, translate, and display any type of website content. Additionally, Weglot allows for easy editing by human translators to refine and personalize the content, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance. If you don’t have such people on your team, you can also order professional translations.
Weglot Visual Editor
Weglot Visual Editor
  • Collaborative Features: You can easily invite other people to collaborate on your projects, be it other team members or professional translators. Depending on their responsibilities, you can assign them different roles. For example, localization experts can have an editor role, and through the “pending translations” feature, they can proofread and accept or reject certain translations.  
  • Compatibility Across Platforms: Weglot is Content Management System (CMS) agnostic, meaning you can use it with WordPress, Wix, Webflow, Shopify, or any other major CMS platform, as well as translate content from these platforms with ease.

For businesses looking for a straightforward, efficient way to make their websites multilingual and improve their global reach, Weglot is a compelling choice. Its emphasis on ease of use, coupled with powerful SEO and language support, makes it a strong contender for those considering their options beyond Lokalise.

Weglot has a free plan to translate up to 2000 words per month with one language pair, and powerful translation capabilities like editing control, AI translation, multilingual glossary, multilingual SEO indexing, and visitor language redirection. For the full range of advanced features, you can opt for one of the paid plans, which starts at just $17/month.


Transifex homepage
Transifex homepage

Transifex is a cloud-based translation platform designed to cater to developers, product managers, and marketing teams alike, offering a suite of tools that help create a smooth localization process.

Key features include:

  • Transifex AI: This allows for translations on a massive scale while still maintaining the brand identity. The Transifex AI add-on also has helpful features that allow you to rephrase and shorten content, as well as enhance its SEO.
  • Automation Tools: Transifex streamlines the localization workflow with automation features, such as automatic language detection and content updates, reducing manual work and speeding up the process.
  • Wide Range of Integrations: With support for popular development tools and platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket, and Slack, Transifex fits seamlessly into existing workflows, making it easy to manage localization alongside development.
  • Comprehensive Language Support: Transifex provides support for over 100 languages, making it suitable for global projects aiming to reach diverse audiences.
  • Customizable Workflows: Tailor your localization process with customizable workflows that match your project's specific needs, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Advanced Translation Memory: The platform comes equipped with translation memory technology, which saves translated phrases and reuses them in future projects, saving time and ensuring consistency across translations.

Transifex is a great option for businesses looking for a flexible, collaborative, and efficient way to manage their localization needs.

Pricing plans start at $120/month, billed annually for 50,000 words and important features like Translation Memory, AI, Online Editor, and Content & Design integrations (Git, Figma, Zendesk, etc.)


Smartling homepage

Smartling is designed to cater to translators, translation teams, and enterprise-level companies seeking a scalable and integrative solution for reaching global markets.

Key features include:

  • Automated Translation: You can configure Smartling to automatically submit content for translation based on specific conditions, such as project timeline, budget, and workflow requirements.
  • Visual Context: Smartling has the ability to provide translators with visual context, ensuring that translations fit perfectly within the design and layout of your content, avoiding common issues like text overflow.
  • Integration Capabilities: You can integrate Smartling with various CMS and eCommerce platforms and development tools, making it easy to incorporate into your existing tech stack.
  • Workflow Customization: It allows for fully customizable workflows, enabling businesses to tailor the translation process to their specific needs, timelines, and resources.
  • Quality Assurance Tools: With built-in quality assurance tools, Smartling helps maintain high translation standards by automatically flagging potential errors for review, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of your content across languages.
  • Professional Translation Services: Beyond its software solutions, Smartling also offers access to professional translation services, allowing businesses to leverage expert linguists for their projects.

For businesses aiming for high-quality, contextually aware translations that resonate with a global audience, Smartling can be a very helpful tool. Its emphasis on visual context, integration ease, and customizable workflows make it an attractive solution for those looking to enhance their localization efforts.

Smartling doesn’t provide pricing information for their plans, so if you’re considering this solution, you’ll need to start by requesting a demo from the website.


Phrase homepage
Phrase homepage

Phrase is known for its focus on simplifying the translation process while providing advanced features that cater to developers and companies of all sizes.

Key features include:

  • Developer-Friendly Tools: Phrase is built with developers in mind, offering extensive API support and Command Line Tools (CLI) that integrate smoothly with your development workflow, making localization tasks more manageable.
  • Real-Time Translation Updates: It enables real-time updates to translations, allowing teams to see changes immediately, which is crucial for agile development environments.
  • Phrase Analytics: With this add-on, you can track key metrics, get insights, and build reports to make data-driven decisions about your business.
  • Collaboration Features: Phrase allows team members like translators, marketers, and designers to work together efficiently, whether in-house or with external partners, ensuring consistency and quality in translations.
  • Translation Memory and Glossary: Phrase comes equipped with translation memory and glossary features, helping to maintain consistency across projects by reusing previous translations and keeping terminology consistent.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Despite its powerful features, Phrase maintains a user-friendly interface that is accessible for team members of all technical levels, simplifying the localization process.

For teams looking for a robust yet straightforward solution to their localization needs, Phrase offers a compelling mix of developer-friendly tools, efficient collaboration capabilities, and a focus on quality and consistency.

There are three pricing plans: Starter at $135/month billed annually, Team at $1,045/month billed annually, and Business which goes for $4,395/month. You can also request a custom plan by getting in touch with their sales team.


Crowdin homepage
Crowdin homepage

Crowdin is a translation platform that combines advanced technology with user-centric features to streamline the localization process.

Key features include:

  • Community Translation Support: Crowdin excels in harnessing the power of community translations, making it ideal for open-source projects or any organization looking to involve their user base in the translation process.
  • Automation and Integration: The platform offers robust automation tools and integrates seamlessly with more than 600 development environments, content management systems, and Version Control Systems (VCS), facilitating a smooth workflow.
  • Project Management Tools: Crowdin provides project management features that allow you to track progress, assign tasks, and manage your translation team efficiently, all within the same platform.
  • Extensive Language Support: With support for numerous languages, Crowdin makes it easy to localize your products and services for a global audience, ensuring no market is out of reach.
  • Strong Security Features: Protect your site and user data with granular access control, role-based permissions, and two-factor authentication.

Crowdin is an excellent option for businesses and developers looking for a collaborative, efficient, and scalable solution to their localization needs.

There is a free plan available, and pricing tiers start at $50/month, billed annually, and up to $450/month for bigger teams and more advanced features.

Comprehensive Comparison: Lokalise vs Alternatives

Now, let’s take a look at these tools side by side. Remember, the best choice depends on your project's scale, complexity, and objectives.

Lokalise alternative table

Next Steps to Find Your Perfect Localization Solution

Choosing the right localization solution is a crucial step for businesses aiming to expand their global reach. While Lokalise offers a comprehensive set of features for translation and localization, it's important to remember that there's no universal tool that fits every company's needs perfectly. Depending on your project's specific requirements or your business's priorities, you might find another option that aligns better with your goals.

Among the alternatives we've explored, Weglot is a particularly strong and versatile candidate. Its user-friendly interface, scalability, and extensive language support make it an appealing choice for businesses of all sizes looking to break into new markets. Weglot simplifies the translation and localization process, allowing you to focus on what matters most: Connecting with your global audience.

If you're looking to make your website multilingual and want to explore how Weglot can help, take advantage of the free plan. It's an excellent opportunity to see firsthand how Weglot can enhance your global expansion efforts.

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