A Landmark Year for Weglot! Our 2023 in Review

A Landmark Year for Weglot! Our 2023 in Review
Rayne Aguilar
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Rayne Aguilar
Rayne Aguilar
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Rayne Aguilar
Rayne Aguilar
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June 11, 2024

Now that the year is drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect on the amazing year it’s been for us at Weglot.

Coming off the heels of an already impressive 2022, we continued riding the wave of our momentum and achieved some incredible milestones along the way.

For starters, we grew the team by 8, completely refreshed our branding, experimented with some office policies, welcomed some big customers… and most of all, we achieved 25 million ARR! This is only 2 years after we reached 10 million ARR back in 2021.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to in the past year:

7 Years and Growing Strong

2023 was off to a great start for us. Apart from welcoming new team members in January, we celebrated Weglot’s 7th anniversary in February—we can’t believe how quickly time has flown by!

And, even though it’s been 7 years since, we’re still loyal to the vision our co-founder and CTO Rémy laid out in a café in September 2015: to be the go-to website translation solution. To work towards this goal, we added new features based on user feedback, amped up our customer support, enhanced our user interface for a seamless experience, and invested more in marketing efforts to increase our visibility and reach.

On top of that, we welcomed 20,000 new customers this year. And, thanks to our growing, talented team, we managed to achieve €1.8 million MRR—ahead of schedule in June! This definitely helped us fast-track our ARR to €25 million.

This year also saw the return of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign, where we donated 50% of revenue made on those days. With your support, we surpassed last year’s donation, gathering €60,000 to be split among several charities chosen by the team. 💙

With your support, Weglot raised €60,000 on BFCM to donate to charities.

Lastly, in 2022, we started calculating our carbon footprint with the goal of reducing it as much as possible. This year, we continued being watchful of our impact on the environment and even added the carbon footprint of each plan on our pricing page.

Making Weglot Even More User-Centric

Weglot wouldn’t be what it is today without the valued input and recommendations from our customers from the very beginning. In fact, our customers are always the first place we turn to when looking for feedback on everything we do!

Our product roadmap helps us determine the features that are most in demand, and we work every day to bring these to our customers as soon as possible.

Last year, we began beta-testing subdirectories. This year, it is now available on the Weglot Dashboard for all, allowing users to choose between subdomains or subdirectories from the get-go.

We’ve also added a new visual translation exclusion tool similar to the Visual Editor. It enables users to choose the blocks they don’t want to translate, all while having a live preview of their site while making their edits.

Where to find the visual exclusion tool on the Weglot Dashboard
Where to find the feature on the Weglot Dashboard
The visual exclusion tool in action
The Visual Translation Exclusion tool in action

To make translations even better, we introduced AI-based suggestions, also on the Dashboard. With this feature, you’ll see smart recommendations to help you find translations that fit your intended context more accurately.

Where to find the AI suggestions feature on the Weglot Dashboard (still in beta)
Where to find the AI Suggestions feature - still in beta - on the Weglot Dashboard
AI suggestions on the Weglot Dashboard

Finally, we improved our compatibility with WordPress by squashing bugs and other aspects that our users reported. The result: we reached 2 million plugin downloads this year!

These are some of the many updates, fixes, and features we’ve made this year, which you can always check out on our changelog.

Of course, as we continued working towards building the best possible website translation solution for our customers, that meant expanding our support efforts. That means we handled 50,342 new conversations and assisted 30,407 customers - an 8% increase from last year! Hats off to our amazing support team.

And, thanks to their work, we received more than 900 5-star reviews.

Weglot is the website translation industry leader on G2

Even better, we bumped up our G2 rating to 4.8, and we now have a 4.9-star rating on Google!

Building Our Presence, Online and Offline

At Weglot, we value the relationships we’ve built in various communities that helped us get as far as we are today. We were pleased to have been a global sponsor of all WordCamp events again this year, and we had a blast attending different WordCamps all over the world!

Weglot team members Thibaud, Thomas, and David at WordCamp Europe in Athens, Greece.
Weglot team members Thibaud, Thomas, and David at WordCamp Europe in Athens, Greece.

It was great to say hi to many familiar names and faces while meeting new people and building potential new collaborations. Thanks to everyone who passed by our booths —it was a pleasure to meet you all!

Weglot CMO Eugène during WordCamp Paris
Weglot CMO Eugène during WordCamp Paris

That’s not all—we also attended several events in the No Code community, such as No Code Barcelona and the No Code Summit, where we met hundreds of people who shared our passion for no-code tools.

Margaux and Rémy at No Code Summit

As part of our continued commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we also renewed our support for Women in Tech SEO (our SEO team is made up exclusively of women, after all 😉).

And these are only some of the cool meetups and events. Overall, we attended, sponsored, or hosted a total of 73 events this year, both locally and internationally!

Wegot a Glow Up!

Though we had a subtle brand refresh last year, we decided to go big or go home this time. We unveiled our sharp new branding at the end of June to more faithfully reflect our mission, vision, and team values:

Our blog, social media, ebooks, checklists, and events all sport the new look. We hope you love it as much as we do!

A Bigger Team, But Closer Than Ever

People are at the heart of what we do, whether it’s our customers or our team members. 2023 started with 41 Weglot team members and ended with 48; the office is definitely the liveliest it’s ever been!

Weglot team at our summer party celebrating €1.8 million MRR
Weglot team at our summer party celebrating €1.8 million MRR
The Weglot team in Arcachon
The Weglot team in Arcachon

We dedicated the year to expanding how we can better support our customer experience, improve our brand awareness, and of course, uphold the values that glue the team together.

We made some work environment adjustments and experiments: we reduced mandatory in-office days to 2 days a week, and we decided to test a 4-day work week for everyone in October. 🥳

Team members alternated between Wednesday and Friday every quarter to ensure our customers continued receiving excellent support. We’re set to continue this test until the end of March 2024—stay tuned for our findings!

You can learn more about our test on our LinkedIn post. If our team piques your interest, have a look at our jobs page—we’re hiring. 😉

Weglot Team Stats

  • 1300+ croissants eaten
  • 700+ hours of foosball played
  • 24 apéros or afterwork drinks
  • 11 babies welcomed
  • 3 team building activities
  • 2 parties
  • 1 off-site trip

2023: Our Best Year Yet

To truly end the year on a good note, we’d like to thank you for being a huge part of the journey we’ve had in 2023. You’ve helped us make the product bigger and better with your feedback, give the brand a fresh new look, and, most of all, thank you for your continued confidence in Weglot as your chosen website translation tool.

We have exciting plans for 2024 to continue making your multilingual website experience quick and frictionless, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We hope you’ll join us in 2024—see you then!

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