We’ve Rebranded: Revealing Our New Brand Identity

We’ve Rebranded: Revealing Our New Brand Identity
Eugène Ernoult
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Eugène Ernoult
Eugène Ernoult
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Eugène Ernoult
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September 15, 2023

Today we’re proud to introduce Weglot’s new branding, what we believe to be a change that reflects the incredible growth we’ve seen since our journey began in 2016.  

Weglot has grown rapidly over the past 7 years from 2 co-founders to a 45+ member team. 4 office changes, thousands of product upgrades,  a €45m investment, and hitting 1.5m MRR in February, but with the same mission, to make it effortless to have a website in multiple languages.

Why Did We Rebrand?

Over the last few years, the Weglot brand has gone through a subtle design transition as we’ve expanded. We’ve spent a substantial amount of time developing and evolving the Weglot product (which we continue to do to this day, read on to see more), but what we felt was needed was a consistent external branding that reflected and aligned with where Weglot is now. 

In that time we’ve evolved from being visible on app and plugin stores to the global website translation solution that small, medium, and big brands are using to expand, improve accessibility, and become market leaders in their own industries.  

At the end of 2022, we really cemented what it means to be part of the Weglot team and the values we want to represent. Those being, collectively ambitious, perpetually curious, pragmatic, and caring. 

We didn’t just pluck these words out of thin air. As a team, we reflected inwardly, asked our users, and ultimately the Weglot team examined the common characteristics we look for when hiring.

And, as a result of this internal work, we decided a design rebrand was needed to ensure a cohesive global message.

We wanted our new branding to tell our story, and better convey who we are as a company as we take the next step in our journey toward becoming the global leader in website translation. 

Unveiling Our Branding 

As of today, our brand new visual identity has been launched across our website, communications, and soon on our product. 

Old Weglot website vs new Weglot website

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Normandy and San Francisco-based design agency Bruno over the last 4 months and seeing that design come to life on our new website thanks to Mazette.

Our new design has 2 elements that stand out, and we wanted to be intentional with what we put out. 

Creating a website in multiple languages requires the diffusion of the same brand message into multiple localized messages, with each localized message, represented by prism lines you'll see across our branding.

New Weglot branding prism lines

Secondly, our 2D illustrations have been replaced by layered illustrations, which symbolize multiple languages, multiple websites, and multiple messages.

Old Weglot designs vs new Weglot designs

We’ve also expanded and updated our color palette to include a wider variety of colors that work alongside the established blue that people have come to know Weglot for. You’ll also notice that blue is still a primary color for us, we kept this for coherence and sentimental value, the same goes for our logo which remains unchanged. 

“We’re extremely proud to unveil our new branding today. We’ve grown considerably over the last few years and we wanted to reflect this growth externally with a branding that signifies the journey Weglot has been on. Weglot's new branding reinforces our mission to make any website multilingual.”
Augustin Prot, co-founder, and CEO of Weglot

Plus, an Updated Product 

At the same time, our development team has also been working hard on elevating Weglot's product through a big redesign. This is an important part of our ethos and allows us to keep delivering a website translation product that keeps meeting your new and current needs.

If you’re a current Weglot user, we hope you’ve seen the big change that’s appeared in your dashboard. We’ve updated the user interface to be more functional and make Weglot even easier to use. 

New Weglot dashboard

The overall way you use the Weglot product hasn’t changed, but in terms of organization and navigation, we switched things up to ensure you have a better overall experience. 

Right now, you’ll notice the old Weglot branding is still present, however, in the coming months, we’ll be filtering through the new brand colors. And, it goes without saying that the dashboard will continue to evolve based on your feedback, so watch this space for new features and better functionality over the course of the year.

What’s Next for Weglot 

We hope you love the new Weglot branding as much as we do, and we’re excited to see it grow with us and receive your feedback. Our new branding forms a big part of Weglot’s identity, both internally and now externally.

We may now have a new look, but our mission to create a market-leading website translation solution is now even more cemented. 

With almost 70,000 websites actively using Weglot, Weglot has reached new heights this year, and we hope this new branding will pave the way for further success.

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