Terms & conditions

Weglot is a société par actions simplifiée (simplified joint-stock company) with capital assets of 1 443,96 Euros and headquarters located at 7 cité Paradis 75010 Paris and is registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under no. 818 164 964.

Weglot SAS operates in France and internationally. It creates, develops, markets, manages, presents, and distributes an internet translation solution.

The www.weglot.com website is published by Weglot SAS. It is hosted by Amazon Web Services. (Amazon Web Services, Inc., headquartered at 1200 12th avenue South Suite 1200 Seattle, WA 98144 United States, phone number: 206-266-4064).

Mr. Augustin Prot is the website’s Managing Editor.

The company can be contacted by sending email to [email protected].

1. Purpose

Weglot operates the weglot.com website and provides its Users with an API that enables a web application (hereinafter the “Application”) to translate and disseminate this Application into different languages. This includes, but is not limited to, detecting original content (hereinafter the “Content”) the translation of this content into one or more languages selected by the Users (hereinafter the “Translations”) from a list of available languages provided on the Website, the hosting of the Translations, and their dissemination to Application users.

The purpose of the Terms of Use (hereinafter the “TOU”) is to define the terms of use for the services and the License Weglot (hereinafter, “Weglot” or “We”) provides, as described in Article 5 (hereinafter the “Services”) and Article 13 (Intellectual Property), as well as governing the relationship between Weglot and the various parties involved, in particular the users of the Services (hereinafter “the Users”, “You” or “the Customers”).

Your relationship with Weglot also requires Your agreement with the provisions set out in the confidentiality policy, which You can access at any time at the following address: https://weglot.com/privacy (hereinafter, the “Confidentiality Policy”), and which is part of these TOU.

These TOU are available at any time by clicking on the direct link located at the bottom of each Website page. You can also access this at the following address: https://weglot.com/terms.

These TOU define the legal framework for Your use of the Website and the possible relationships between You and Weglot. These TOU also contain information regarding the rights of Users and the restrictions on these rights.

Weglot reserves the right to change or update these Terms of Use at any time by publishing any change, addition or update on the Website, that will be submitted to Client approval.

2. Legal Notices

Please read these Terms of Use carefully. You declare that you have read and accepted these Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy by sending a command, signing up for a Subscription, accessing or using the website or services. A clear notice indicating effective acceptance at the time of registration or when sending a command with the Registration and Pay buttons.

As a consequence, it is your responsibility to verify that the services offered by Weglot are suitable to your needs. Consequently, you declare and acknowledge that you have read and understood the provisions of these TOU and Confidentiality Policy.

If you do not meet the required conditions specified in these Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy, you can not and must not access the website or services. If you access the site or use the services, you declare that you meet and will meet the conditions required by these Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy, and that you acknowledge that you have read and accepted them.

Any contrary conditions proposed by the User will therefore, unless expressly agreed to otherwise, be unenforceable against Weglot regardless of when they may be brought to its attention.

The fact that the Company does not avail itself of any provision of these TOU at a given time can not be interpreted as waiving its ability to use any provision of these TOU’s at a later time.

3. Registering on the Website

3.1 Registration, Account Creation, and Personal Workspace

In order to use the Services, you need to register on the Website by using the registration form

You must provided the following information to confirm validation of your account:
– email address
– personal password

Once your account has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email so you can validate your email address. By registering, an account is opened automatically on behalf of the Users (hereinafter “the Account”), providing the Users access to their own Personal Workspace (hereinafter “the Personal Workspace”), which enables them to use the Services in the format and using the technical means that Weglot considers to be most suitable for providing these Services.

Users guarantee that all information provided on the subscription form is true, accurate, and up to date and is not vague or dishonest under any circumstances

They agree to update this information in their Personal Workspace if any of it changes in order to fulfill the criteria listed above.

Users are thereby informed and agree that the information that they provide to create and update their account shall serve as valid proof of their identity. The details provided by the Users are binding and enforceable against them after confirmation.

Users have the right to object, access, rectify and delete personal data concerning them, as well as the right to object on legitimate grounds that they can exercise under the conditions set forth by law by sending an email to the Company at [email protected] and including their first and last name and email address, as provided in the Confidentiality Policy.

In the event of payment issues, or any other violation of these TOU by the Client, Weglot reserves the right to modify or cancel access to the Website, for any reason whatsoever, at any time, without prior notice and without obligation to the User.

3.2 Accessing the Personal Workspace

Users can access their Personal Workspace by connecting to the Website with their username and password.

Users agree that they themselves will be using the Services and agree not to authorize people other than themselves to use them on their behalf, unless they assume full responsibility for any consequences.

Likewise, users are responsible for keeping their login information and password confidential. Users must contact Weglot through the channels described in Article 2 of these Terms of Use if they notice that their Account was used without their consent. Users authorize Weglot to take all appropriate measures in such cases.

4. Definition and Description

Users have access to the following Services, in the format that Weglot considers most suitable for providing these Services and which are delivered based on the License of the Software mentioned in Article 13 below.

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the Weglot API, the services providing translation and dissemination of a web application into multiple languages described in Article 4.1, the Professional Translations defined in Article 4.2 as well as the documentation cited in Article 4.4 and, more generally, any development or upgrade to the Software provided by Weglot with the adjoining documentation are collectively referred to using the term « Software ». As a result, the Software includes collectively all and any pieces of software and algorithms as amended from time to time, their successive versions, improvements and upgrades, source codes, preparatory design work leading to the development of such computer programs, technical documentation and preparatory design materials, and which are original and protected by the copyright set forth by article L 112-2 of the “Code de la propriété intellectuelle”.

4.1 API

Weglot provides an API that enables a web application (hereinafter referred to as the “Application “) to translate and disseminate this Application into different languages. This includes, but is not limited to, detecting original content (hereinafter « the content ») the translation of this content into one or more languages selected by the Users (hereinafter the « Translations ») from a list of available languages provided on the Website, the hosting of the Translations, and their dissemination to Application users.

Once Weglot is integrated with your Application, your text content is sent to the Weglot API, translated and returned. Your website is then updated with the translations in real time.

Weglot provides a first round of machine translation using APIs from service providers such as Microsoft Translator, among others.

Each time Your users request a language different from your Application’s source language, Weglot receives a translation request. Weglot consults Your dictionary to find all of the requested content and returns the translated phrase. Your dictionary is a table containing all of the original phrases and their translations. Your dictionary is stored on Weglot’s servers. You can access and modify them at any time from the Personal Workspace for Your Weglot Account.

API access can be provided directly or through extensions provided by Weglot on the platforms listed on the Website. They can only work if the Application is connected to the internet. The Users have access to their API key and their Translations from their Personal Workspace, where they can also order and purchase translations from professional translators as described in Article 5.2.

The Users are informed and agree that use of the API requires storage and indexing the Translations on the Weglot platform, including, without being limited to, the Professional Translations.

4.2 Description of Subscriptions

Weglot offers several plans based on consumption. The differentiation criteria for the plans are as follows:

  • Number of web applications
  • Number of translated words
  • Number of pageviews (API Calls)
  • Number of additional languages
  • Support level

The number of translated words refers to the number of words translated by Weglot.

The number of additional languages refers to the number of languages other than the web application’s original language. The available languages are listed on this page.

The number of Web Applications refers to the number of domain names using Weglot.

The support level is “basic” for the Free plan and “premium” for all of the other plans. It defines the processing order, prioritizing premium support over basic support. For all specific requests (outside Services shown on the www.weglot.com website), the User will contact Weglot to provide it with all of the information needed to prepare a quote.

4.3 Professional Translation (optional)

All plans described in Article 4.2 include the option for Users to order and purchase translations services from professional translators (“Professional Translations”) selected by Weglot.

In this case, Users order and purchase these Professional Translations on the site from their Personal Workspace. They are then automatically stored and indexed by Weglot, loaded and displayed in their Personal Workspace.

4.4 Level of Service

Weglot manages its Website and Services actively and continuously in order to detect and resolve any issues immediately.
Weglot has a 99% service level, within the meaning of API availability, for users with “Premium” plans, i.e. that have subscribed to a paid plan.

4.5 Support

Support Services include the following items:
– Technical support via email at the following email address [email protected]. Technical support is strictly limited to integration and implementation of Weglot Software and does not include questions concerning the User Application.  
– Weglot will use all of its resources to provide high-quality technical service by email, but this does not guarantee any specific response time
– Access to the most current documentation on the Website, including tutorials

4.6 Statistics

Users have access to statistics regarding use of the Services, in the format and according to the technical methods that Weglot considers most suitable for providing these Services.

4.7 Other Services

The services offered by Weglot are likely to change and Weglot reserves to right to offer any other service that it deems useful, in a format and according to the features and technical means that it considers most suitable for delivering these services.

5. Subscription Conditions

The Services can be accessed in the form of a subscription (hereinafter referred to as the “Subscription”).

The Subscription starts on the day of subscription (after any free trial period), subject to payment for the package as set forth in Article 6, for a period of one (1) month or one (1) year according to the User’s choice, from date to date.

The Subscription is then tacitly renewed for the following (1) month or one (1) year periods based on the frequency selected by the User, from date to date, unless a cancellation request is made by Weglot or the User, and sent in the manner described below.

Users can cancel their Subscription to their Personal Workspace no later than the day before the end of the month for the current Subscription.

Weglot can cancel, without cause, a User’s Subscription at any time by sending the User an email with a minimum notice of one (1) month before the cancellation effective date. The cancellation will be effective at the end of the month or year, according to the frequency selected by the User, at the end of the notice period.

The Client is informed and acknowledged that the Subscription can be cancelled by Weglot with a minimum notice of one (1) week as soon as Weglot can demonstrate the violation of one of the terms of this Terms of Use or the Confidentiality Policy.

The Subscription cancellation is effective after the end of the last month or year of the Subscription, according to the frequency selected by the User, and results in automatic deletion of the User’s account, as well as all of the stored and indexed data.

Any Subscription month or year started, according to the frequency selected by the User, is due in full.

The Subscription reports to a single application, in its web format and on any platform (i.e., for a web Application, the Subscription returns a unique domain name). The User agrees not to use the Services for any application other than that for which the Subscription was originally subscribed.

6. Financial Conditions

6.1 Payments

6.1.1 Price

You can Subscribe to the Services and License using various plans. The prices and features of these plans are provided and explained on the Website. The Services and Software are provided and licensed for the prices listed on the Website.

The price for each Subscription is determined based on the number of words translated, additional languages available, web Applications using the service and the support level and billing frequency.

The billing frequency is set by the User and can be annual or monthly. The User can adjust the frequency at any time, which will trigger a payment or credit calculated by Stripe prorated on the remaining time to be billed.

The price does not include the purchase of Professional Translations, which can be ordered and purchased from the User’s Personal Workspace from selected professional translation services.

6.1.2 Changing to a Higher or Lower Subscription Level

The User can change their subscription to a Higher or Lower level at any time from their Personal Workspace.

If a User exceeds the limit of their Weglot Services plan, they will be sent an email notification and then automatically migrated to a higher plan.

There will be a payment or credit for the months or years, depending on the frequency selected by the User, of the Subscription that was partially increased or decreased.

6.2 Price of Professional Translation

The User can order and purchase Professional Translation from selected professional translation services from their Personal Workspace. The price paid is based on the number of words to be translated. If the User purchases professional translations, they must also agree to the Terms of Use of the translation partner, as follows: https://fr.textmaster.com/conditions-generales-utilisation-client.

6.3 Price Adjustment – Reduction

Weglot reserves the right to modify its price and payment policy for all Services provided without the need to notify its Users.

Once effective, the new prices are applicable from the Subscription renewal date.

Users who do not agree to the new prices must cancel their Subscription using the procedures listed in Article 6. Users who continue to use the Services after the new prices have become effective will be considered to have accepted them.

Any decision involving a discount, reduction or application of lower rates, based on a percentage or package (per word, page, line, or hour), will remain at Weglot’s sole discretion, and only for the service in question. No discount or rebate granted to the Client will, in any event, give rise to a vested right to later services.

6.4 Payment Terms

Payments for Subscriptions and Professional Translations are made by credit card or automatic withdrawal.

The bank card debit or automatic withdrawal is managed by Stripe, a secure payment service provider, in which Weglot has entrusted the storage of its User’s banking data.

When paying by bank card, the Website uses Stripe’s security system. Stripe is a provider that specializes in secure online payments. This system guarantees their banking information is completely confidential. Bank translations using credit cards, performed between the User and the secure system are thereby fully encrypted and protected. This means that information related to the Order and the bank card number do not travel over the internet. Weglot does not store the User’s banking information.

We are not a banking institution in any way and all of the intermediary payment services are performed by our partner, Stripe, which is qualified and specializes in these services. Accordingly, we invite you to become familiar with their Terms of Sale, which can be accessed from https://www.stripe.com. As a result, it is your responsibility to verify that our Services are suitable to your needs.

The Subscription will be due and payable in advance each month or year, according to the frequency selected by the User, starting on the registration date or the date corresponding to the first paid Subscription

The price for Professional Translation will be due and payable at the time the Professional Services are purchased.

The user agrees not to hold Weglot liable or challenge the payment corresponding to the provision of Services.

The User ensures Weglot has all of the necessary authorizations to use the selected payment method.

6.5 Payment Delays and Incidents

The Users are hereby notified, and agree without reservation that any payment delay of all or part of the amount due under this agreement, will automatically and without prejudice result in the penalties listed in Article 11 and without prior formal notice:

i. Confiscation on the due date of all amounts payable by the User in question, which will become due automatically,
ii. Immediate suspension of current Services until the User has paid all amounts due,  
iii. Late penalties calculated at an interest rate equal to one and a half (1.5) times the statutory interest rate per day late on the amount including taxes of the price corresponding to the subscription selected will be lawfully and automatically paid to Weglot, without formalities or prior notice and will result in all amounts owed to Weglot by the User becoming due immediately, without prejudice to any other proceedings that Weglot would have the right to undertake against the User for this reason. The User who is in a late payment situation will, as of right, owe Weglot a fixed rate of €40 for collection costs.

6.6 Refund Policy

After a Weglot subscription plan is purchased, a fifteen (15) day period starts in which you can make a refund request and send it to the following address [email protected].

Please note that:
– Refund requests will only be accepted in the fifteen (15) following the subscription date
– Refunds do not apply to renewals or plan upgrades.

6.7 Right of Withdrawal Exclusion

In accordance with the legal provisions in effect, purchases of digital content are firm and final, whether they are made as a unit or lump-sum purchase. Therefore they can not result in an exchange, refund or exercise of the right of withdrawal. Note that, in accordance with articles L. 121-20-2 and L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code the fourteen day right of withdrawal does not apply to Services such as those offered by Weglot once implementation has started with the consumer’s agreement before the expiration of the withdrawal period (order accepted and executed).

7. Personal Data

To use the services and website, you agree with Weglot collecting and processing some of your personal data, as provided by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and detailed, along with your rights and ways to enforce them, in Weglot Confidentiality Policy, accessible here: https://weglot.com/privacy.

In the providing of the services, Weglot is a controller, except regarding the translation of the content You provide to Weglot to translate.

Providing the personal data collected for these purposes is mandatory to confirm and validate any payment or credit card transaction. Failing which, the Services can not be provided.

The Client has a right to access and to edit personal data, as well as a right to objection, for reasonable cause, regarding their personal data processing. However, the exercise of this right might prevent the Client from using the service, for technical reasons.

Any request to exercise the right to access, edit, or object must be made in written form, signed by the beneficiary, include the address where the answer shall be sent and provide a proof of identification to be sent to the following address: 7 cité Paradis 75010 Paris, France.

In accordance with the provisions of Decree n°2007-451 of March 25, 2007, Weglot will answer the Client request within a delay of two (2) months of its receipt, provided that the request is specific enough and includes all the necessary items to answer it, otherwise Weglot will ask the Client to complete it.

These data can be sent to our technical providers for the sole purpose of proper execution of the Services, or compiling statistics.

The data protection policy used by Weglot, as well as its specifications are detailed in the confidentiality policy, which the Users are expressly encouraged to read and accept.

For their part, the Users acknowledge and expressly agree that:

i. The data collected on Weglot’s site and on its computer hardware are evidence of the transactions made as part of these Terms of Use,
ii. These data are the only acceptable evidence between the parties, in particular for calculating amounts due to Weglot

Users can access these data from their Personal Workspace.

After 3 (three) months of inactivity on a project, the inactive project is deleted. It is still possible to recover it for 3 more months by contacting Weglot support team. After that, the project is permanently deleted.  A project is said inactive if no API call has been made on this project in the last 3 months.

For the proper execution of the Terms of Use, the Data processing agreement (“DPA”) reflects the agreement of the parties with respect to the processing of Personal Data that is performed by Weglot on behalf of Client in connection with Weglot’s Subscription Services in accordance with the Terms of Use. You can find our DPA here.

If you have any question, please contact us at: [email protected]

8. Obligations of the Users

Without neglecting any of the other obligations listed in these Terms of Use, the Users agree to comply with the following obligations:

8.1 The User agrees to follow the laws and regulations in effect in France when using the Weglot Service, as well those of any other country in which the User accesses the service, and any other destination country from which Users distribute their Application. The Users also agree not to jeopardize the rights of third parties or the public order. They are solely responsible for Content of any kind whatsoever. As such, Weglot can not be held liable in any event.

Each User is individually liable for carrying out all reporting formalities and obligations concerning them and which could come from using the Services. Weglot can not be held liable in any way.

To this end, the User agrees:

  • not to translate any content, message, or information that is crude, harmful or encourages any activity punished by laws or regulations in effect;
  • not to translate any content that violates the rights of third parties.

8.2 The Users acknowledge having read and understood the characteristics and constraints on the Website, particularly those of a technical nature, of all Services. Each User is fully responsible for their use of the Services.

8.3 The Users agree to use the Services themselves, personally, and for their own Applications.. They should not translate, sub-license, delegate, or assign all or part of their rights governed by these Terms of Use to third parties.

8.4 Each User is solely responsible for all Content of any kind (editorial graphic, audiovisual, or other), generate by the User or users of the application, and present in this Application.

Each User guarantees Weglot that they have all of the necessary rights and authorizations to store, index, and use this Content.

The Users agree that their Content is legal, does not threaten the public order, does not conflict with the standards of public decency, and, more generally, does not jeopardize Weglot’s civil or criminal liability.

9. User Guarantees

Each User guarantees and agrees to defend, indemnify, and leave Weglot free from and against all demands, complaints, actions, and/or grievances, that Weglot might suffer as a result of the User failing to meet their obligations as defined in these Terms of Use.

The Users agree to indemnify Weglot for all harm it could undergo and pay all fees, penalties, fines and/or sentences that Weglot may incur due to such a breach.

10. Prohibitions

10.1 Using the services to conduct illegal or fraudulent activities in violation of the rights and safety of others or which could be harmful to others is strictly forbidden.

10.2 Users are strictly forbidden from copying and/or using the concept, technology, or any element of the Weglot Website or Software for their own interest or that of a third party.

10.3 Earning money by selling or assigning all or part of the access to the Services, Website, or information hosted and/or shared on the Website is strictly forbidden.

11. Penalties

In the event a User fails to comply with any of the terms in the Terms of Use, or more generally, violates the laws in effect, Weglot reserves the right to take any appropriate actions, in particular to:

i. Suspend access to Services for any User who failed to comply or played a part in the breach of legal obligations or violated the laws in effect,
ii. Notify the appropriate authorities,
iii. Notify the appropriate authorities,

In the event a User violates a material obligation listed in these Terms of Use, Weglot reserves the right to immediately cancel the User’s access to all or part of the Services with immediate effect by letter, fax or email.

The cancellation will result in immediate deletion of the User’s account, as well as all of their stored and indexed Translated Content, without prejudice to other consequences set forth in these Terms of Use.

12. Weglot’s Responsibility and Guarantee

12.1 Weglot pledges to deliver Services that are operational and compliant with commercial practices, while specifying that Weglot has an obligation of means and not a performance obligation, and this is expressly understood and accepted by the User.

12.2 Weglot’s operation and involvement is limited to the provision of the Services described in Article 4.

Weglot is not, under any circumstances, the owner or in charge of monitoring the Translated Content that is stored and indexed as part of the Services Therefore, Weglot can not be held responsible for this Translated Content, insofar as Weglot is operating only as hosting provider. The User certifies and accepts that Weglot can delete any Translated Content from the Services that is clearly identified as illegal and which was brought to Weglot’s attention, particularly in the event of a request by a third party.

12.3 Weglot agrees to take all appropriate measures to protect the security and confidentiality of the Translated Content that has been stored and indexed, while preventing access to this Translated Content from all unauthorized third parties.

12.4 Weglot does not guarantee to the Users (I) that the Services, which are the subject of continuous research on performance improvement and development, are without errors or “bugs,” (ii) that the Services, standardized by nature and not provided specifically to a given User based on their own personal constraints, will be able to precisely and specifically meet all of the specific needs and expectations of this User.

12.5 In any case, any liability that can be attributed to Weglot as part of this agreement is solely and expressly limited to real and direct damages suffered by the Users and can not exceed the total amount paid by the User during the year prior to these damages.

13. Intellectual Property – License

We have registered the “Weglot” brand with the INPI.

Weglot is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights on the website, and particularly the documents, comments, works, illustrations, videos and images, whether visual or audio, reproduced on the Website as well as the databases it produces.

All of these intellectual creations are protected under worldwide copyright, trademark law, patent law, the sui generis database right, and image rights.

To this end, and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use of the Website or Application for private use subject to differing or even more restrictive provisions than this code, is permissible.

Any other use constitutes infringement and is sanctioned under Intellectual Property unless authorized by Weglot in advance.

Any type of full or partial copy, extraction or reproduction of the Website is strictly prohibited without prior written authorization.

Weglot is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights in connection with the Software or a portion of it.

In consideration for the prices mentioned in Article 6 above, the User will be granted a revocable, non-transferable, non-exclusive license of use of the Software that can not be used to sub-license the Software, the purpose of which is to provide the Services within the limits and conditions set forth by these Terms of Use, and for the term of the User’s Subscription.

Consequently, the User agrees not to copy all or part of the Software, for any reason and by any means, or to use the Software in a manner not listed in the license above. The User also agrees to never process to any de-compiling actions on the Software.

In any event, the User will have all the copyrights for the translations, regardless if the “professional translations” option has been selected, which is guaranteed by Weglot.

In return, the User grants Weglot with a right to use translations data at no cost during the whole period of protection, in order to contribute to its database and feed its algorithm. This right to use is granted for the world and applies to all translations files hosted on Weglot servers or one of its providers regardless if it’s a professional translations or a translation done by the the User itself.

14. Reversibility

As the User is the sole owner of the Translations and Professional Translations, they can ask to get them copied to a file, by sending a written request to the following address: [email protected]. The User has six (6) months after the end of their Subscription to make this request.

15. Commercial References

The Users authorize Weglot to cite and use their trade name and logo, in an appropriate manner, as a commercial reference, in particular during events, in its commercial documents, and on its website, in any format whatsoever.

16. Amendments

Weglot reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time.

Once effective, the amended version of the Terms of Use applies upon renewal of the Subscription.

Any User who does not accept the amended version of the Terms of Use must cancel their Service Subscription under the terms set forth in Article 6.

Users who continue to use the Services after the amended version of the Terms of Use has become effective will be considered to have accepted these amendments.

17. Mediation and Litigations

These Terms of Use are governed by French law.

In case of litigation regarding the existence, the validity, the execution or the interpretation of the present Terms of Use, the Client has the right to ask for a consumer ombudsman, at no cost, according to article details L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code. Depending on the nature of the Service, the Client will be able to choose to ask for an ombudsman of the Association of distance-selling businesses (FEVAD); for additional info on this topic, the Client can visit the FEVAD dedicated website, accessible at the following address: http://www.mediateurfevad.fr/

If no amicable agreement can be reached, any problems related to their interpretation or validation as well as any dispute against Weglot will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French relevant courts.

18. Effective Date

These Terms of Use become effective on 05/15/2018 and have been updated on 10/02/2023.

These TOU are applicable during the entire period you are navigating and accessing the Website and throughout your use of the Website.

Weglot reserves the right to modify these TOU at any time. You will have reasonable notice before any updated TOU are applied unless the amendments are due to legal or administrative obligations.

Any change will take effect upon their publication. You agree that you have been advised that TOU are updated by their publication on the Website.

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