Wix multilingual: Weglot now live on the Wix app store!

Wix multilingual: Weglot now live on the Wix app store!
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
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June 19, 2023

Without a doubt, Wix is one of the easiest website-building platforms out there. And, not only is it easy to build great-looking websites from scratch, but it also has a range of foolproof, design-centric templates to help you create a pretty stunning online presence. 

Drag and drop is probably the buzzword of website building platforms, but it’s really true when it comes to those using Wix. Simple to use, pre-made design elements, coupled with an intuitive interface means that even if you start with a blank slate in Wix, you’re sure to create something impressive, even if you can’t write a line of code. 

Because that’s the beauty of Wix. You don’t need to code, you just need the content of your site and you’re good to go! You get the freedom to design a website worthy of any web designer’s portfolio. 

screenshot of Weglot Translate on Wix App Store

A multilingual Wix website 

Weglot has been compatible with Wix for a number of years, but we’re even more excited to say we’re now available on the Wix app store

We’re really pleased to be even more integrated into the Wix platform and give Wix users an even easier way of making their sites multilingual – without any code.  

This new integration is even more automated, removing some of the steps that were previously required and means you can have a fully multilingual Wix website up and running in less than 5 minutes. You can check our integration video below to see how.

SEO-friendly subdomains remain a key feature of this Wix app integration, ensuring that your Wix website is indexed and visible on international search engines. A huge priority for any business going international.  

Another big benefit of using the Weglot app is that the tedious task of translating a Wix website is no more. 

A first layer of machine translation gives you an instantly translated site which you can then manually edit using Weglot’s translations management platform. You choose your translation quality! 

How to add Weglot in Wix

We also worked together with Wix agency the Brown Owl Creative to create a fully multilingual Wix website that showcases the power of Weglot! Check out how using Wix and Weglot together can create a website that can reach people all over the world.


Simply go to the Wix app store, search for Weglot and click ‘Add to site’, follow the simple steps and that’s it! A fully translated Wix website with an automatically added language switcher for the convenience of your website visitors. 

Then manage your translations through your Weglot Dashboard, add teammates to your translation project, create translation rules – you get a Wix translation solution that scales with your business. 

Check out our new integration and start translating your Wix website today with our 10-day free trial.  

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