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How to Use Weglot as a Web Agency

How to Use Weglot as a Web Agency
Thibaud Guerin
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Thibaud Guerin
Thibaud Guerin
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March 7, 2024

The way web agencies and freelancers use Weglot for their website creation projects is quite different from the way website owners manage their own individual projects. The differences lie with agencies needing to create multilingual projects quite quickly, and in some cases, without even making changes to the translated content. There are also often very specific needs requested by their clients.

Uros Mikic, CEO of Flow Ninja, tells us more in this video about why they, as a web development agency, use a third-party translation application, how Weglot fulfills their clients’ specific needs and how to ultimately onboard their clients once the project is over.

Flow Ninja is a web design and development agency specialized in the use of Webflow. With a team of around 40 employees based in Nis, Serbia, they support clients from all over the world on short-term, recurring, and even full-time contracts.

To expand on the video, this article goes into further detail on the processes involved in developing a multilingual website project for your clients. Again, we draw on the experiences of web agency, Flow Ninja.

Why Do You Need an External Tool to Manage Multilingual Projects?

Some agencies and freelancers prefer to have control over all the features they offer on their clients’ sites. However, there are many tools that can help agencies and freelancers with developing various projects faster, and Weglot is one such tool for multilingual.

According to Uros from Flow Ninja agency, using a tool rather than the traditional way offered through their website builder solution of choice, Webflow, allows them to scale their projects thanks to a simple integration and various automated features. A tool like Weglot allows a web agency or a freelancer to translate their website project quickly and therefore save time on other aspects of the website build.

As a result, Flow Ninja and other website designers tasked with creating multilingual websites can accept such a project, even if the agency lacks the internal resources to translate the website, by using a specialized tool for website translation.

Weglot works by providing a first layer of machine translation giving a quality translation base, in any language, without outsourcing to a specialized agency or freelancer, which would ultimately increase the translation budget. Uros also emphasizes that a translation tool like Weglot allows their customers to modify their content whenever they want, especially when it comes to adding branding and copywriting elements that are specific to the customer’s brand and tone.

Further,  a tool like Weglot is specialized in its own field and allows Flow Ninja to take advantage of advanced features designed to allow agencies to better collaborate with their clients. In particular, Uros highlights the technical multilingual SEO aspects such as optimized URL structures. Additionally,  the flexibility Weglot provides when it comes to editing translations, especially via the Visual Editor. Having an all-in-one tool means everything is centralized and inviting their clients as Team Members on a project, is simple.

weglot visual editor

How Flow Ninja is using Weglot

In the second part of the video, Flow Ninja CEO, Uros, presented some of the projects the agency team worked on and discussed more about how they use Weglot internally.

Web agency and freelancer clients usually have quite advanced projects with specific demands. With this in mind, Uros advises all web agencies and freelancers to consult the various documentation offered by Weglot, including the Weglot Academy, and to collaborate with the Weglot support team when needed. These resources allowed them to complete the following projects:


An online recruitment platform that connects talent and companies.

taledo homepage

In order to expand into Germany, Taledo approached Flow Ninja to develop a bilingual website, translated from English into German. They wanted to have a subdirectory URL structure which was made possible through Weglot.


Logistics tech startup revolutionizing e-commerce operations

hive homepage

Hive needed to translate its site into not one, but four languages, in order to expand into Europe. It was important for the Hive team, for UX reasons, to have URL slugs translated into each of the languages available on their site. Thanks to dedicated documentation, Flow Ninja was able to satisfy its client on this point. In an effort to optimize the UX on their site, Hive also wanted to offer language-specific content on their blog. This was achieved thanks to the work of the agency with the help of specific documentation.


Transforming construction management with an integrated digital solution.

capmo homepage

Capmo wanted to translate its website from German to English but didn’t necessarily need to translate all its documentation. Once again, thanks to the documentation offered by Weglot to agencies and freelancers, Flow Ninja was able to exclude a part of the site that did not need to be translated and meet their client’s expectations with ease.

Onboarding Clients

The challenge for a web agency or a freelancer when delivering a website project is to successfully onboard clients and briefly train them on the use of the tools on their new site.

In the case of Flow Ninja, they give clients access to the Webflow admin, and for multilingual projects, they can give access to the translations via the Weglot Dashboard. According to them, even the less technical team members of their clients can easily take control of Weglot to make changes to their translated content if required. Customers also find it easy to track the percentage of change in machine vs. manual translations.

Uros shares that their clients have gained visibility and conversions as a result of their website translation, which has allowed them to reach new markets. As a result, Flow Ninja and other agencies can become business development partners for their clients.

Summing Up

Flow Ninja’s insight highlights the value of using Weglot as a third-party application for managing multilingual website projects. The agency emphasizes the time-saving benefits, scalability, and ease of collaboration with their customers thanks to Weglot.

By leveraging Weglot’s specialized features and machine translation capabilities, agencies and freelancers can efficiently meet their clients’ multilingual needs and empower them to make content modifications easily.

You’ll find more testimonials from Flow Ninja and in particular, on how to include a third-party app like Weglot in your business proposal over on our YouTube channel.

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