Thibaud Guerin

Agency Partnerships Manager

About the author

If you’re a web agency member or if you work as a web freelancer, you’ve probably already spoken with Thibaud. You may even have met him in person at a WordCamp, a Meetup or at other events!

As Agency Partnerships Manager, his aim is to provide you with the best possible guidance on your multilingual projects and to bring you the full benefits of the Weglot for Agencies & Freelancers Program.

Although he hails from the charming city of Montargis in France, you can speak to him in French as well as English and Spanish, thanks to his professional and academic experience in Spain, Ireland and Canada.

In his spare time, Thibaud is a dedicated sports enthusiast. Although he played rugby for around ten years, he now prefers to share this passion with his friends in front of a match at the stadium or on TV. He also spends a lot of time and kilometers on his gravel bike, and all the way to the European roads!

He’s been part of the Weglot team for almost 4 years now and it’s always a pleasure for him to guide you in discovering and optimizing your use of this solution.

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