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Best Squarespace templates for your multilingual website 2020

Best Squarespace templates for your multilingual website 2020
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
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November 9, 2023

Selecting the best Squarespace templates for your online presence is always going to be a decision you’ll have sleepless nights over. It’s the first impression your potential customers will have on your brand, so it’s natural that you’ll want to take your time choosing the right one

And, if you’ve landed on this article, it’s because you’re either tempted by or have already started using Squarespace for your online presence

Currently seen as one of the slickest looking website builders around, Squarespace dominates the market when it comes to allowing you to create websites with white space, parallax scrolling and full bleed imagery. 

This drag-and-drop website creation platform is pretty much nailing it when it comes to the website creation marketplace. Why? Because design takes centre stage when it comes to the templates they offer.

This is a company that has ploughed millions into its advertising strategy and it’s worked – they’re currently the third largest website building CMS. You don’t exactly find many website builders paying 5 million dollars for a Super Bowl ad or hiring actor Keanu Reeves to be a face of the brand.

Why is Squarespace good?

Squarespace simply stands out. And for all the right reasons. They found their niche in the otherwise considered crowded market of website builder platforms.

What’s their USP? Beautiful design. They’ve even helped businesses win awards for their websites through the abundance of sleek easily customizable Squarespace templates

And, you only have to look at some of their clients to see that it’s not just small local businesses or bloggers that gain from this intuitive website building platform. From Pixar, to celebrities such as Idris Elba and Tony Hawk – Squarespace has a big following from a pretty cool bunch of clients

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What’s great about Squarespace and their templates, is that they’re designed with all levels of experience in mind. You can basically go customization mad if you have the skills or just stick to the original layout and design of the template. It’s almost impossible to create an ugly Squarespace site – which is exactly why we love this CMS. 

So, let’s take you through some industries where it makes sense to offer a website in more than one language and the best Squarespace templates for each of them. 

Best Squarespace templates for an ecommerce store

Yes, you read that right. Squarespace is becoming quite the platform when it comes to its ecommerce capabilities. The numbers speak for themselves – it’s actually the second most used ecommerce CMS in the top 1 million sites on the Web. 

When it comes to choosing the best Squarespace template for ecommerce it has to be good old Brine.

You’ve got great flexibility when it comes to using Squarespace template Brine for ecommerce. Elements like the logo, navigation, social icons and shopping cart elements can all be moved around with ease. 

There are a lot of options which can make this template time consuming to work with – not because it’s not easy to play around with, but simply because you have such a great level of customization

There are dozens of Squarespace templates within the Brine family – the difference between them? They were all created from the same ‘DNA’ so to speak – so the only reason for choosing one over the other is that it looks more like your ideal end result. It just means there’s less work for you

Let’s talk ecommerce and multilingual. If you’re selling online then it just makes sense to be offering your Squarespace site in more than one language. It sets you apart from your competition, especially when working in an industry at a time where cross-border ecommerce is becoming the norm. It means you’ll need to offer more than one language on your site to ensure you’re making the most out of the opportunities available to you. 

A multilingual Squarespace site means more stable revenue streams as you won’t be relying on just one market. When it comes to setting yourself apart in the Squarespace multilingual ecommerce space, we’ve got some great tips to get you started

And, a great example of a multilingual Squarespace site using the Brine family is Splish – an ecommerce business selling art prints. 

They’ve made great use of the customization options by adding the banner image above the menu bar and utilized the option to add more than just text on the banner image – with a CTA button “shop prints”.

This Danish business knows the importance of adding English to their site to appeal to more countries within the EU. This is made even easier with Weglot. This Squarespace multilingual solution translates, displays and adds a language switcher to your site so you can have a multilingual website without the need for duplicate menus, websites or pages.

Best Squarespace template for a hotel

When it comes to choosing the best Squarespace template for a hotel website we highly rate Artesia from the York family of templates. This choice might seem a little unconventional for a hotel (even Squarespace describes this group of templates as perfect for portfolios and designers) but stay with us.

We’ve picked this one simply because we were so impressed by one of Weglot’s very own customers – Miramonti – which uses the Artesia theme with a very impactful outcome.

How? The York family and more specifically in this case – Artesia – focuses on showcasing imagery to the max. This template works really well for boutique hotels that want the visuals to do all the talking and have the aesthetics to do that. 

Typography also plays a big role in the design of York templates and it’s a great way to enhance the story you’re already telling with your imagery. 

Miramonti has been smart. They’ve created a stunning website with very little customization of the Artesia template and still managed to set itself apart simply because the imagery they’ve chosen is based largely on the location of their hotel. It creates incredible visuals

And, when it comes to translation? We’ve talked about the subject of translating your hotel website before. It’s simple. If you’re working in the tourism trade it’s only natural that you’ll be looking to attract customers to your hotel from countries all over the world. Which means website translation is a must. You’ll get more international visitors, stand out from your competition, improve your SEO and increase your conversion rate. 

Miramonti has gone all out when it comes to translating their website with Weglot – their Squarespace site is available in 7 languages. It’s clear they know their markets and who exactly they’re targeting.

Best Squarespace template for a digital agency

One of the oldest templates from the Squarespace library but also one that has stood the test of time since launching with Squarespace 6 in 2012…Flatiron is the perfect choice for digital agencies and definitely worth a shout out.  

Although website design has changed a lot within the last 7 years, Flatiron still caters for those that want to showcase their creative work

There might be a few less customization options with this template choice, but it’s great for those that want the ease of creating an impactful online space with very little work behind the scenes. 

In terms of design, the grid index homepage is the perfect place to showcase what you do with just imagery and subtle translucent animated text overlays that give context to your work

Why does it work so well for a digital agency? Showcasing what you do is at the heart of this industry, so it makes sense to have all your major successes visible to all on the homepage

And, when it comes to multilingual inspiration within this industry – Weglot customer BSP Media has managed to create a pretty sleek website using the Flatiron Squarespace template as a way to distinguish their brand. 

They’ve also chosen to duplicate the grid style homepage on their about page too, to give their site a little extra customization and continuity. Continuing that theme they’ve customized their Weglot language switcher to fit in nicely with the rest of the template design, but using the language code. 

And, notice the placement of the language switcher – in the right of the footer. It remains visible to site visitors as they scroll through the site as they’ve chosen to customize this theme again, with a sticky footer. 

Switching templates in Squarespace

If we’ve given you more than a little food for thought but you’ve already gone live with your  Squarespace template choice, there is always the option to switch templates

Just another one of Squarespace’s well thought out features is that changing templates however many times you want is absolutely possible and easy. Unlike many other website building platforms where you might encounter a loss of content if you don’t have a developer to help – Squarespace ensures this doesn’t happen. 

In fact, you can even preview a Squarespace template in a private view whilst your site visitors still see your current one. This allows you to play around with colors, layouts and features – once you’re happy with the result – you’ll then just need to set it as your live template – it’s as simple as that! 

Which direction to go?

In brief – the good news is when you choose Squarespace you don’t have much chance of going wrong. And what we’ve highlighted above is how you can still have bags of individuality even if you are following the main structure of a Squarespace template. 

Their portfolio of templates have already been created with design high on the agenda, so it’s really quite simple for people with zero developer experience to create something pretty visually appealing

Want to go that step further with customization? Then Squarespace lets you do all that and more. And, the best part is, if you’ve been a little hasty and chosen a template, launched and now decided it doesn’t quite suit your audience – well Squarespace has you covered. You can switch templates as many times as you want

Try Weglot for free on your Squarespace site! Use our 10 day trial and see how easy it is to implement. 

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