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Best business websites going multilingual with Weglot

Best business websites going multilingual with Weglot
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
Elizabeth Pokorny
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Elizabeth Pokorny
Elizabeth Pokorny
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June 19, 2023

It’s that time again, where we dive into the Weglot customer base and pull out some of the best multilingual websites to shine a spotlight on.  

Whilst it might seem obvious for ecommerce businesses to add additional languages to their websites, business websites also have a lot to gain. From those looking to do business in new markets, or companies hoping to spread their messaging in multilingual communities – a multilingual website is certainly not just limited to those selling goods online. 

So with that in mind, we’ll take a look at these great business websites, including the famous Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra, the investment arm of the LEGO group and the corporate website of Bluetooth, plus a couple of other companies doing multilingual right. 


CMS: WordPress 

Language switcher placement: Top right 

Number of languages: English, Korean, Japanese, German and simplified Chinese

Weglot client Bluetooth needs little introduction – this wireless technology giant is a globally recognizable brand, not to mention a symbol you see on a daily basis. Branding is spot on with their signature blue used throughout this WordPress built website. 

Naturally for such a tech company, translating their corporate website for the countries where tech takes centre stage makes perfect sense. They’ve made their site easily accessible for anyone wishing to understand how the technology works and their available market solutions. 

Top marks to Bluetooth for displaying the language name in the original language within their language switcher 👏. Localization on point – this takes customer experience up a notch and makes it instantly recognizable for anyone searching for their language. 

And, doing things a little differently they’ve gone for a globe icon to depict their language switcher. An easily recognizable symbol for anyone around the world – it means they’re being totally inclusive for all their customers. 

You know Bluetooth has chosen the right multilingual solution when switching between the different languages. Zero styling issues – impressive when you consider the word length varies massively between the languages they’ve chosen to add.

LA Phil 

CMS: Custom 

Language switcher placement: Top right 

Number of languages: English and Spanish 

Another household name using Weglot to help even more people discover the wonders of a live orchestra. LA Phil adds personality and a sense of community with the use of imagery, videos and connective language throughout their website. 

It’s no surprise they’ve added Spanish to their website as California is a state where 28% of the population speak it as their first language. Ensuring their music is accessible to everyone within their community, they’ve chosen to go multilingual so no one misses out on their latest performance schedule and can navigate the ticket booking process effortlessly. 

Whether you speak English or Spanish – LA Phil has made it easy for both languages to understand the full buying process when purchasing tickets or gift cards. 

They’ve added their language switcher in the form of the language name in the top right menu bar so it’s also easily visible and accessible. Full localization points here for keeping it in the original language so it’s easier for people to understand.


CMS: WordPress 

Language switcher placement: Top right 

Number of languages: English, Spanish, German, French 

Well known company ShareThis provide one-click sharing buttons for websites so they can start scaling their site traffic instantly. A simplistic website design we’re used to seeing from website plugins, this site lets the product do the talking. For an Internet business, with a market not limited to the country they’re based in, adding three European languages to their website is a smart idea when you’re doing business online. Even more so when what you offer isn’t limited by language. 

ShareThis know more than a couple of things about buttons. And, when it comes to their language switcher they’ve placed it right at the top of their menu navigation bar, attracting the eye with the use of flags as a language indicator. It fits with their branding to offer an easily recognizable language switcher, just like the sharing buttons they also provide. 

LEGO Ventures 

CMS: WordPress 

Language switcher placement: Bottom right, footer  

Number of languages: English and simplified Chinese 

From the investment side of The LEGO Group, LEGO Ventures has a corporate website that screams simplicity and design. With animations and a simple black and orange color scheme, the website’s professional appearance echoes the work of the company. 

With teams that work out of Europe and Asia Pacific, they’ve chosen to include English and simplified Chinese as their main website languages. 

It can be hard to get formatting right when translating into a language where the word length is completely different to that of the Germanic languages. Luckily for LEGO Ventures, using multilingual solution Weglot means any formatting issues are taken care of – so the structure of the website remains intact and there are no dodgy styling issues, no matter what language the website visitor chooses. 

For their language switcher, they’ve chosen to place it within the footer to offer a more subtle positing. 

They’ve stuck pretty close to the Weglot default language switcher style, simply customizing the font and adding an arrow in the brand colors. 


CMS: Squarespace  

Language switcher placement: Top right 

Number of languages: English and French  

AngelSquare, a community for venture capital investors, keeps things classic and simple with their website design. A minimal menu points you in the right direction and a navigation in the hero of the website that determines your profile means you’ll get straight to where you need to be on this website.

Based in France, this French company knows the importance of adding English to their website. With France set to become a “startup nation” (according to its President Emmanuel Macron), including a more universal language on their website is key to attracting more entrepreneurs looking for funding – plus the all important investors too.

When it comes to their language switcher they’ve added it to the top right menu bar, much like the previous websites we’ve looked at. This time they’ve gone for a simple approach with flags – knowing that this will draw the eye and make it immediately obvious there are language options on this website.   

Making your website multilingual 

Creating a multilingual website is a no brainer if you’re doing business online. Using Weglot as your website translation solution means you can translate your website in just minutes. 

Build your own translation workflow with Weglot and remove the laborious work of traditional website translation with a solution that detects, translates and displays the content of your website instantly. 

Want to try Weglot out on your website? Sign up for our free 10-day trial. 

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