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Translate your Zendesk Help Center

Get your Zendesk guide multilingual in minutes.

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Get started in minutes

Fast integration
Fast integration

Fast integration

Get your Zendesk help center multilingual in just minutes, with more than 100 languages supported.

Continuous syncing

A fully translated site

All content is automatically detected and translated.

Easily manage your translations

Automatic translation

Automatic translation

With a first layer of machine translation and all the post-editing features you need to set your preferred translation quality.

Continuous syncing

Continuous syncing

Weglot syncs with your Zendesk help center meaning that any new support document is always translated.

Automatic translation

Reach visitors all over the world

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Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

Weglot follows Google’s best practices for multilingual SEO with language-specific subdomains/subdirectories, automatically added hreflang tags, and translated metadata automatically handled for you.

Go multilingual with ease

Take a product tour

Take a product tourSwitcher

Experience the power of Weglot with our interactive demo that takes you through the seamless process of translating a website – from the initial setup to displaying a fully multilingual website in just 2 minutes.

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Compatible with your favorite WordPress plugins

Weglot works seamlessly with WordPress plugins and allows you to offer a fully localized user experience for your multi language website. Learn more through our pricing.

Learn how to get started

Improve your skills and find the key information you need to grow your business globally
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Video Tutorial

How to translate your website

Integrate Weglot into your BigCommerce store by following our general integration video tutorial.


A step-by-step Zendesk X Weglot integration guide

Translate your Zendesk help center in minutes by following our integration guide!


How to translate your entire website online:
What you need to know

Everything you need to get started with your website translation project.


4 Key Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Multilingual Website in 2024

Discover actionable steps you can take as part of a high-quality content marketing strategy to beat the algorithm and bring more organic traffic to your multilingual site.

Case study


Discover how REVIEWS.io found a solution that dramatically increased the speed of website translation

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