How to pitch Weglot to anyone

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How to pitch Weglot to anyone

So you love Weglot and wish everyone knew how easy it is to translate a website with the right solution — we feel you. However, pitching Weglot to someone who’s never used it before can be more challenging than you think.

So we put together a practical presentation to help you make anyone see the value of Weglot easily. By following the steps below, or simply sending this article over, you can help your prospects understand why Weglot is the best website translation solution.

Step 1 | Explain the basics: Why use website translation software

Especially people who are not familiar with website translation might underestimate its complexity. Why not just translate it with Google Translate and create a new website for each language, right?

So before your team, customer, or partner spends endless hours and jeopardizes their website performance to find the answer, highlight the following points.  

Translating a website manually is:

Time-consuming and expensive

It has been recently estimated that 99% of the translations produced globally are not done by

professional human translators. Considering technological advances, human translation from scratch is an outdated approach that’ll only slow things down and demand high costs.

On the other hand, manually translating your website content only with machine translation causes more problems than it solves. You’ll need to spend hours on copy-pasting and create countless sheets to keep the translations in order, as you’ll need to edit and display them on your website later.  

Website translation software offers the optimal solution by seamlessly integrating machine translation with editing capabilities. This accelerates the process and helps reduce translation costs drastically.

Prone to critical errors

Any problem caused by poor website translation execution is critical because it’ll impact the performance of your overall website. For example, technical website translation requirements, such as implementing hreflang tags, can cause serious SEO issues and duplicate content penalties if not done correctly.

Moreover, not having a separate platform to work on your translations means you’ll need to handle everything inside your CMS. So when you work with others to edit your translations or display your translated pages, you’ll need to give them access to your website admin. This will leave your website and sensitive business information vulnerable to security threats.

In order to ensure a website’s overall performance and security, website translation projects should be managed through a dedicated platform.

Technically challenging

Translating a website encompasses much more than translation. How will you display these translations on your website for a seamless user experience? And what about multilingual SEO? As discussed earlier, these technical aspects are vital to your translated pages and overall website performance.

Therefore, you’ll need development expertise to ensure your multilingual website is set up correctly. This includes setting up subdomains/subdirectories to display your translated pages, adding a language switcher to your website, translating metadata, implementing hreflang tags, etc.

A no-code tool that eliminates human error and dependency on developers for technical aspects of website translation is an integral asset.

Not efficient for teamwork

As you can see, website translation is a team effort. Depending on your project, you might want to collaborate with colleagues, developers, designers, translators, or localization experts. The communication and work distribution among these different parties can become highly time-consuming when done through email.

This method also doesn’t allow you to track the progress of others and therefore makes it hard to oversee your website translation project. Plus, not having common resources like a glossary will only cause your team to waste time on repetitive tasks and disrupt the consistency of your translated content.

Website translation requires smart project management features to facilitate team organization.

Hard to maintain and improve

It’s also important to keep in mind that website translation is a continuous process that needs to be maintained as your website grows. The upkeep of translations can quickly become demanding, especially for websites with a vast volume of content like ecommerce stores.

Consequently, you may not get all the benefits of translating your website and may be hesitant to add new languages that can bring immense business value.

The automatic quality of website translation software allows users to concentrate on their core business objectives without being distracted by manual tasks.
Differences between Weglot and manual website translation
Differences between Weglot and manual website translation

All these critical points make it clear that translating a website manually is not a sustainable approach. The next step will help clarify how Weglot provides a solution that eliminates all the shortcomings of manual methods and makes efficient use of the latest technology.

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Step 2 | Lead to the right solution: Why Weglot

Now that your prospect understands the significance of using website translation software, it’s time to explain Weglot’s advantages compared to other tools. For a one-on-one comparison, you can consult the relevant article in the “Useful resources” section.

“My experience with Weglot has been incredible. The product is the best in the market (I’ve also tested the competitors). The customer service is the best you can get too.”

— Carlos Pizarro

Here’s how Weglot stands out amongst its competitors:

Simple & fast integration

Weglot’s no-code solution can be integrated into any website in just a few easy steps, unlike other website translation tools that may require you to download and set up multiple add-ons or enlist your developer team. After choosing your languages, a switcher is instantly added to your website, allowing you to go multilingual in minutes.

Multilingual website with an automatically added language switcher

Hybrid translation method

Weglot’s translation solution offers a seamless combination of machine translation, human translation, and professional translation. With Weglot, you’ll always get a quick first layer of machine translations that you can edit yourself, with teammates, or professional translations inside your dashboard.

All-in-one solution

From translation to project management, you can easily handle all website translation tasks inside Weglot. Features like the glossary, variables, page views, and translation assignments are only some of the valuable components that ensure all your website translation needs are fully met.

User-friendly interface

Another strength of Weglot is its intuitive interface that makes even the most extensive website translation projects manageable. The dashboard utilizes visual elements and colors to help break down complex details and provide an easy-to-use workspace.

Weglot Visual Editor
Weglot Visual Editor

For example, the visual editor feature allows users to edit translations directly on a live preview of their website and makes it possible to modify translations within context.

Localization capabilities

For a seamless user experience, Weglot also helps you translate all the key conversion steps, including links, popups, dynamic elements, and email confirmations. Moreover, the media translation feature allows users to go a step further and translate all the visual components on their websites like images, videos, and PDFs to provide localized versions of their content.

“We really loved the localization features provided by Weglot, such as the ability to translate images and other types of media depending on the language the visitor is viewing the site in. Being able to change our graphics and other attachments into French and Hindi is a real benefit to site visitors”

— Kim Martin – Senior Communications and Marketing Officer, TCI

The critical nuances like layout orientation are taken care of automatically when translating to/from right-to-left languages. Plus, setups like visitors auto-redirection based on browser language can turn your multilingual website into a completely localized experience for international customers.

Compatibility with all technologies

When working with Weglot, you won’t have to change anything about the way your website works. Weglot integrates seamlessly with all CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Webflow…), web technologies, and plugins and enhances your website’s functionality.

High ratings on renowned platforms

The efficiency of Weglot is verified by numerous reviews on ranking platforms and CMS marketplaces. With recurrent industry leadership acknowledgments on G2 and a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot with +600 reviews, you won’t be taking any chances by choosing Weglot!

Weglot G2 Recognitions
Weglot G2 Recognitions

60k customers from all over the world

Our +60k satisfied customers from different industries and countries are further proof of Weglot’s efficiency. Multilingual websites from IBM, HBO, Nielsen, Tupperware, and DoorDash are all translated, displayed, and managed with Weglot!

Expert customer support  

You can’t talk about Weglot without mentioning its exceptional customer support — ask our customers! Our complete solution also includes assisting you throughout your website translation journey. With Weglot, you will get access to a team of product experts, always ready to help you with your project and get the best value from Weglot.

“The support helped me quickly, and the conversation was very friendly. If there were the possibility to give more stars, I would do it!”

— Alexander L.

Vast resource center for learning

Last but not least, Weglot provides a rich learning center filled with resources to help you learn the best website translation practices and international marketing tips. From video tutorials to interactive ebooks, our library has an asset that will help you with your efforts.

Weglot Academy
Weglot Academy

Plus, we have a dedicated education platform, Weglot Academy, that offers free online courses to help you advance in your learning journey easily! ​

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Step 3 | Help them get started

The best way to see Weglot’s true value is to try it out! Now that your prospects are interested in Weglot, you can invite them to start their free trial. We recommend getting started with our online course, “Weglot Fast Track Training,” for an effortless onboarding experience!

You can check out our FAQ or contact our support team if you have any questions. For freelance & agency inquiries, you can reach out to us here or book a call with our Sales Team to learn more about our Enterprise solution.

You can also join our affiliate program to earn a 20% commission for every sale you refer by recommending Weglot!

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