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The Best English to Spanish Website Converter (For Businesses)

The Best English to Spanish Website Converter (For Businesses)
Rayne Aguilar
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Rayne Aguilar
Rayne Aguilar
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Rayne Aguilar
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December 21, 2023

Here’s what you need from the best English to Spanish website converter:

  1. Fast, accurate, and easy-to-implement English to Spanish translations on your website. You want accurate translations that sound natural, not robotic. And you also don’t want to have to fuss with downloading and uploading files into some off-site converter.  This means you want a converter that a) you can easily add to your site and b) that uses the best translation software available to translate your content accurately.
  1. A translation platform that makes it easy to edit or customize your Spanish translations. Depending on your translation project, you may review your translations, or you may rely on machine translation. Either way, being able to review your translations is a must-have. Reviews aren’t just important for accuracy, but you also want to make sure your translated content fits within your website’s current design. This means you need a converter that has a translation management platform where you can easily access and make changes to your Spanish translations.
  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) features that help your now multilingual site rank in front of its new Spanish-speaking audience. One of the goals of making your English site multilingual is to increase your reach into new markets. The converter you use should help you do this by optimizing your site for search engines.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can use Weglot to successfully check all the boxes above for your own website.

A quick note: Weglot is a website translation converter that can translate your entire site into Spanish (and 100+ other languages) within minutes. It works with any website platform or CMS and doesn’t require developers or a team of translators. Start your 10-day free trial today.

How to Use Weglot’s English to Spanish Website Converter

First, add Weglot to your site. Unlike other converters—that may only work as WordPress plugins or WooCommerce plugins—you can set up Weglot with any CMS. No development time needed, no API connections to manage. 

Here’s a quick video showing you how simple it is:

Once you’ve logged into your Weglot account, you’ll create a new project for your English-to-Spanish translation.

Once you’ve set your original language and your target/destination language (in this case, we’re starting with English and translating into Spanish), you click “Save”.

Once you click save, your entire site is instantly translated. 

Note: You can exclude specific pages/URLs, words, and even blocks/sections (like your headers and footers) that you don’t want translated. 

How to customize which parts of your site get translated

How Weglot Provides Fast and Accurate English to Spanish Translations

Weglot maintains active API connections with the leading translation providers Google Translate, DeepL, and Microsoft Translate. 

Each of these platforms offers accurate and fast translations. But different providers are better for different language pairs. Weglot will always use the best provider for your specific language and content. That way, you don’t need to spend time looking through multiple platforms and testing their accuracy. 

But just how accurate are machine translations? We recently did a case study and discovered that ⅔ of our customers who use machine translations never make a single edit to their translated content. That means ⅔ of our customers (who range from ecommerce stores to agencies to non-profits) let Weglot handle their entire translation process.

Once your multilingual site is ready, it’s automatically displayed under a new URL. 

For example, our Spanish website can be found at This unique URL is a big win for SEO (and we’ll tell you why further down in this post).

You’ll also see a Language Switcher on your website, which lets users toggle between your available languages. 

Weglot language switcher

You can customize how the language switcher looks. For example, you can have country flags or no country flags, put the switcher in the header or footer of your site, and so on.

How Weglot Keeps Your Site Updated With Automatic Content Detection 

As you update your original site (i.e., the one in English), you don’t want to have to tell your converter to translate your new content into Spanish. 

With Weglot, we use automatic content detection to keep your translated sites updated. Weglot automatically detects new content on your original site—and this includes when you revise existing content. When Weglot finds new content, it automatically translates it on all versions of your site. 

For example, let’s say you’re running an eCommerce store and recently expanded into the Spanish-speaking market. You used Weglot to create your Spanish site. When you add a new product to your store, that new product is automatically translated and live on your Spanish site, too.  

This lets you run the business part of your site without having to personally manage the translation aspect.

Lastly, Decide if You Want to Edit Your Spanish Translations 

When you use Weglot, you don’t just get an English-to-Spanish website converter, you also get a full-fledged translation management platform where you can:

  • Review and make changes to your translations.
  • Order professional Spanish translation services.

Reviewing and Making Changes to Your Translations

Once your site is fully-translated with Weglot's machine translation software, you now have complete control over your translations. 

You can access your translations directly through your dashboard.

How to edit your translated texts with Weglot‍

You can look up a translation by searching for a specific word or looking at a specific URL. 

You can also use Weglot’s visual editor to easily navigate your site and make changes. The visual editor is perfect for quickly seeing how translated words look and feel on your site’s layout. 

Weglot’s visual editor

Once you make changes, they’re automatically updated on your translated site. 

Hire Professional Translation Services Through Your Dashboard

If you don’t have your own translators, but you still want to have some of your content professionally reviewed, you can order services from real translators directly through Weglot.

First, just pick the content you want reviewed. 

Second, pick your industry, the tone of your content, add any notes or glossaries (so translators know your specific rules/translating guidelines).

How to order professional translation services through Weglot

After you pay for the services, you’ll get your translation reviewed by a professional Spanish-speaking translator. Once they’re finished with the translation updates and it’s been approved, their changes are automatically updated on your site. 

The SEO Benefits of Using Weglot’s English to Spanish Website Converter

Above, we looked at how you can quickly and accurately use Weglot to create a Spanish version of your English site. But Weglot also helps your new site find its audience by adhering to the multilingual SEO best practices outlined by Google.

Specifically, Weglot:

  • Adds hreflang tags to your site’s source code. Hreflang tags let search engines know that you have translated versions of your site available, so they can get properly indexed
  • Translates your on-page SEO elements. As part of its translation process, Weglot translates your alt tags and metadata. And like all the other content on your site, you can easily edit these translations, if necessary. For example, literal translations of your on-page SEO elements (like alt tags) may not be what our Spanish speaking customers are searching for
  • Creates subdomains/subdirectories for your translated site, so each translated site has its own unique URL

With these features, Weglot optimizes your new translated site, so Google is more likely to recommend it to the right audience.

A Quick Recap: Using Weglot’s English to Spanish Website Converter

Weglot’s English to Spanish website converter is easy to install on your website (and it works with any website).

With Weglot, you get:

  • Fast and accurate translations from leading translation providers (including Google Translate and DeepL).
  • Automatic content detection so that your translated sites are always up-to-date.
  • A language switcher you can customize so users can easily toggle between your translated sites.
  • A unique URL for each translated site, which helps with SEO.
  • A translation management platform where you and your team can quickly review translations. 
  • The option to order professional translation services through your Weglot dashboard.

Translate your English site into Spanish today.

FYI, we translate over 110+ languages: Available languages include Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Slovenian, Serbian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Somali, Thai, Latvian, Filipino, Norwegian, Korean, Hindi, Finnish, Estonian, Bulgarian, and many more.

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