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5 powerful AI tools that will elevate your international marketing

5 powerful AI tools that will elevate your international marketing
Rayne Aguilar
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Rayne Aguilar
Rayne Aguilar
Written by
Rayne Aguilar
Rayne Aguilar
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May 20, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly been a hot topic recently because of the rapid development of its algorithms—and it won’t be dying down any time soon. 

Though there’s some criticism against using AI, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t use it in any shape or form. In fact, 63% of people don’t even realize that they use AI tools in their everyday lives, such as navigation tools like Google Maps and Waze. 

Additionally, according to IBM’s study, 35% of organizations mentioned using AI technology at some point. With the rise of OpenAI’s groundbreaking ChatGPT chatbot, this figure is expected to soar. So imagine the wonders it could do for your multilingual marketing efforts. And with AI tools becoming more innovative and accessible, why not give it a shot?

Let’s look into AI marketing tools, how they can help you elevate your multilingual website, and ultimately provide even better customer experience:

What is a multilingual AI tool?

A multilingual AI tool is an AI-powered platform or software that helps you create optimized assets in multiple languages to reach a wider target audience. The sky’s pretty much the limit depending on the tool you choose: building a multilingual chatbot, writing multilingual social media posts, or even video creation. 

So what’s the difference between normal AI tools and multilingual ones? And why are we recommending one over the other? Well, regular AI tools aren’t concerned with language accessibility, but with making tasks as efficient and easy to do as possible. Multilingual AI tools take that efficiency and upgrade it by helping you translate and optimize your output. It will be immediately ready for consumption by foreign audiences.

Additionally, multilingual AI tools are boosted by predictive analytics, powered by its constantly improving algorithms. They provide you with actionable insights that help in creating multilingual content since the tool offers the most commonly used phrases and word pairs in a particular language. You won’t have to keep guessing about the right words native speakers use—but of course, it will always benefit you to check with locals!

Why should you use AI tools for your marketing?

There’s a lot of chatter surrounding the true efficacy of AI tools, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Some AI writing tools have received a lot of criticism for the quality of their output, often requiring intensive editing and rewriting.

On the other hand, despite the backlash, there’s a lot of fear that AI will surpass the competence and expertise of real humans because of how much they improve workflows. So why exactly should you use AI tools at all?

For starters, they’re designed to automate tedious tasks, which means you’ll have more time to focus on cognitive-intensive assignments. With more free time, you can then explore different ways to increase your customer engagement through new marketing initiatives. AI tools will take care of all the repetitive stuff for you while providing you with customer data and metrics to improve your messaging, after all. 

Besides automating tasks, AI can also analyze large volumes of data for you and use these to make predictions. You’ll understand customer behavior more and find effective ways to get search engines to index and rank your content well. You’ll then be able to work more efficiently and enjoy faster results. 

Lastly—but importantly—AI tools even the playing field for startups and small businesses. Years ago, only big enterprises had the means to conduct comprehensive market research that gave them the advantage in appealing to potential customers. But because of the insights AI tools provide, important data is no longer exclusive to industry titans.

Overall, using the right AI tools will help your marketing team work more productively and produce more substantial, informed output. 

What do experts think of using AI tools?

Still, AI remains a polarizing topic: only 50% of survey respondents trust companies that use AI. Yet 60% think that using AI-powered products and services will add value to their lives in one way or another. 

Lynne Parker, University of Tennessee’s Associate Vice Chancellor, praises AI tools for facilitating the exploration of creative ideas. Thanks to AI algorithms, creating elegant illustrations, presentations, and coming up with marketing campaigns are now more feasible and easily done. But that doesn’t mean the raw output of these tools are completely reliable—after all, AI tools cannot think like humans do. To make the most of AI tools, it’s crucial to rely on them as collaborative skills rather than treating them as the sole means of content creation.

There’s been a lot of worry about AI replacing human jobs. But Mark Finlayson, Florida International University’s Associate Professor of Computer Science, notes that while old jobs will eventually be made redundant, they’ll be replaced by new ones.

Source: The Conversation

For instance, AI’s impressive automation of tasks is nothing new: word-processing programs totally changed the game when they were introduced in the 1980s. Some jobs, like typists, were lost. But that’s because people were able to create properly formatted documents effortlessly, which caused productivity to skyrocket. 

So really, AI marketing platforms aren’t advances to be afraid of—they’re evolving with human needs, and they’re meant to be used as collaborative tools!

Powerful multilingual AI tools to upgrade your international marketing

Need some help finding the perfect multilingual AI tools to use? Here are our recommendations (and see them in action here!): 

1. Anyword

Tired of going through hundreds of copy variations that end up sounding exactly like each other? Say goodbye to that with Anyword. It helps you create snappy marketing copy in numerous languages for any channel and purpose. Executing and streamlining your marketing strategy is now easier than ever.

Using its AI Writer and Copy Intelligence Platform, you’ll have access to predictive analytics to improve your copy immediately. You won’t have to guess which copy will deliver the most results; Anyword provides you with data-driven performance scores to help you choose the best messaging, whether for your FAQ, landing pages, or email campaigns.

Whether your performance marketing needs a boost or your content marketing could use a tune-up, it’s great for producing on-brand, high-performing marketing material that genuinely engages your audience. As for pricing, their plans start at $24 per month.

2. Synthesia

Videos are the most effective form of marketing. But how do you streamline your video editing and actually produce content that stands out in search engines?

The answer? Synthesia: an AI video creation platform that you can use to instantly produce professional videos in just 15 minutes. What sets it apart from other video creation tools is its multilingual capacities, as you can write your text in more than 120 languages. Plus, you don’t need any equipment or skills to use the software, making it an incredibly efficient option for upping your marketing game. 

Since it’s so easy to use, you can use it to replace PDFs, documents, or even presentations with much more engaging video. If you’re curious about getting started, plans start at $30 per month.

3. Chatfuel

A huge part of what makes your company successful is your customer service. The sooner your customers get a response, the happier they’ll be—but it’s impossible to have your customer service team be on call 24/7. And that’s where Chatfuel comes in: a multilingual chatbot that will automate your conversations.

The tool uses AI to construct pre-made answers for the questions you receive across all your channels—even the comments. It even has templates you can use for your sales to hand out promo codes, generate international leads from ads and comments, and even qualify them for you. What’s more, its internal CRM system segments your audience so that you deliver even more personalized customer care. 

Chatfuel is integrated with websites, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, making it simple to maintain an open line with your customers. Want to see how it works? Automate your first 50 conversations with their free trial. After that, plans start at $14.99.

4. Writesonic

Copywriting for social media posts—whether it’s Instagram captions, blog articles, or even Google Ads—can get confusing very quickly. But when you have the help of the best AI marketing tools to help you craft the perfect copy for your social media marketing, content generation becomes less of a headache. 

And that’s exactly what Writesonic offers: an AI writing tool that helps you create multilingual SEO-optimized website content through its sophisticated features. Thanks to this software, you’ll have top-quality content for your website, social media, and ads 10x faster. 

With this tool, you can craft SEO-optimized content across all your channels—all plagiarism-free. You can also take your email marketing to new heights by using it to create attention-grabbing subject lines and a compelling email body.

Ready to level up your content game and raise your conversion rates? Writesonic has a free trial you can use to get a glimpse of their software, with paid plans starting at $12.67 a month. If you’re a student or working at a non-profit, they offer 30% off on annual plans. 

5. DeepL

Of course, when you’re trying to appeal to an international audience, you’ll have to make sure that you translate your marketing content. DeepL is a neural machine translation engine with many use cases, such as instantly translating documents or text. With its intuitive interface combined with machine learning-powered output, all you have to do is copy and paste your text or upload your file to have them translated.

As implied by the name, the software uses deep learning to provide an even higher quality of translations. Its output is more reliable for many common language pairs like English to Spanish, and it’s one of the translation providers we use here at Weglot to help translate your website.

Though DeepL Translator has amazing features available in its free version, paid plans—which offer a host of incredibly practical functions as well—start at $8.74. You can also create and edit text through DeepL Write, which will suggest grammar changes to improve your output.


AI tools have revolutionized the way people communicate and do business. While automating tasks is a big part of their appeal, predictive analytics and multilingual capabilities definitely change the game. When you use these AI tools for your international marketing efforts, you’ll connect with your global customers more effortlessly.

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