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Display your website in multiple languages in minutes. Weglot Translation API and reverse proxy solution makes any website multilingual in a few clicks

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How does Weglot work?

You create specific subdomains for each new language you want to translate your website into (,, point them to the Weglot servers, and that’s it.

Weglot reverse proxy servers will automatically retrieve your website pages, detect the original content and swap it for translations. All that is done server-side so it’s perfectly optimised for SEO.

How do I manage my translations?

Once Weglot is integrated, you’ll have access to a simple dashboard where you can easily manage your translations either yourself, by inviting your Marketing / Content / Translation team or by hiring professional translators.

Remove the manual work

How it really works

How it really works


A visitor asks for the ‘About’ page of your website in French:
The subdomain fr. points to the Weglot reverse proxy server.


Weglot proxy

The Weglot proxy server asks your website server for the original page:



Your server sends the page back to Weglot (in the original language)


Content detection

Weglot detects all the content (text strings, metadata, …) and sends it to the Weglot Translation API


Weglot Translation API

The Weglot Translation API sends the translations back and the Weglot proxy server replaces the original content for the translations in the source code of the page.
Weglot also adds all the necessary technical details to comply with Google multilingual SEO recommendations (Hreflang tags, …)


The page is served

The page is sent to your visitors

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Don’t care about SEO or don’t have a domain name yet?

You can also simply use our Javascript integration. This solution is great for internal tools or staging / development phases.

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