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02100 Digital

We successfully combine various low code tools to create outstanding products.

02100 Digital

About 02100 Digital and Weglot

02100 Digital is a Hamburg based agency with a strong low code focus. We are one of the first agencies to offer a low code full service, which means we combine different tools and focus on Webflow as a core component. For our concepts and implementations, we have been awarded the Digital Innovation Award 2019 by the Ministry of Economics and Technology. With our customer and user-centered approach, we create the foundation for start-ups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises. Webflow enables us and our customers to implement web projects faster without missing out on maintainability afterwards. Through the flexibility granted by Webflow, we create digital experiences that convert and succeed in today’s digital world. With our highly focused trainings, we empower our customers to use Webflow themselves and take control of their own websites.

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