International Marketing: The Marketer's Guide to Scaling Your Business

Learn how to establish a long-lasting international presence with a solid marketing strategy through exclusive insights and tools brought to you by industry leaders HubSpot, Semrush, Brevo, Gorgias, and Weglot.

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Preview of the ebook - The Marketer's Guide to Scaling Your Business

Geographic boundaries mean almost nothing these days when it comes to the possibilities for your business. Yet, before stepping into the international arena, you’ll need a nuanced understanding of diverse markets and a familiarity with innovative marketing techniques.

"International Marketing: The Marketer's Guide to Scaling Your Business" has been carefully crafted to equip you with the insights and tools you need to take the global stage head-on with confidence. Prepared in collaboration with industry leaders - HubSpot, Semrush, Brevo, Gorgias, and Weglot- this ebook is your gateway to international growth.

What You’ll Discover:

Speaking to Your Global Customers in Their Language  Learn how to flawlessly translate and localize your website to resonate with a wider audience, and enhancing user experience with Weglot’s expertise.

Master International SEO for Your Localize Content  Understand how to maximize digital tools to optimize your SEO strategies, boost your online presence, and increase international traffic with specialized guidance from Semrush.

Amplify Your Global Email Marketing  Unlock the secret to creating engaging email content that sparks a connection with your customers worldwide with key pointers from Brevo.

Propel Your Growth With International Collaborations  Explore how to forge key partnerships that can help you successfully enter new markets—enough for them to choose you over local competitors—with unique perspectives from Gorgias.

Benchmarking Success and Analyzing Performance  Learn how to optimize your strategies, make more informed decisions, and launch effective campaigns worldwide by measuring your success with exclusive insights from HubSpot.

Who Should Grab This Guide:

  • Veteran marketers seeking strategies to steer their companies towards global prominence.
  • Budding marketing enthusiasts eager to get a head start in the competitive international marketing landscape.
  • Business owners looking to expand their horizons and capitalize on untapped markets.
  • Digital strategists aiming to elevate their tool set and approach to marketing in the digital age.

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