A Marketer's Guide to Machine Translation for Websites

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Today, marketing to a global audience or making your site more accessible to your current audience means providing a fully translated website.

But the task can seem daunting particularly if you regularly update and add content to your site.

In recent years this outdated workflow has led to the adoption of neural machine translation with quality assurance processes to help teams launch faster and improve their translation workflow.

It’s true that ‘machine translation’ can be off putting for many, but when used together with simple post-editing tools, you can have a winning website translation strategy that allows you to launch translated content quickly.

Included in this guide are valuable insights and actionable tips:

  • Misconceptions about machine translation
    A look at the the benefits of machine translation, but also the drawbacks.
  • The state of machine translation 2022
    A look brief look at the accuracy of machine translation.
  • Strategies for effective translation
    Practical tips for avoiding common translation pitfalls and how neural machine translation can work for your website.

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