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Today’s ecommerce websites need to appeal to a global audience, and language barriers shouldn’t stop you from communicating with customers.

Included in this machine translation guide are valuable insights for the following sections, along with helpful tips and a case study:

  • A Brief History of Machine Translation
    In this section, we briefly cover the origins of machine translation to the powerhouse it is today. Useful for learning more about the state of the industry, from past to present.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Machine Translation
    We look at not only the benefits of machine translation, but the drawbacks as well. Learn why even an inaccurate translation is better than no translation at all!
  • Ecommerce Website Translation Processes
    This section focuses on the four different ways to translate a website. Know more about what is best for YOUR business
  • Best Practices for Your ecommerce Website
    Practical tips to truly make machine translation your ally and boost your ecommerce growth with ease

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What's inside?


The most advanced type of machine translation has reduced word order mistakes by 50%, lexical mistakes by 17%, and grammar mistakes by 19%.


How is neural machine translation good for your online store? Quick market feedback, quick conversions and speed in launching.


Advanced machine translation: combining human proofreading, editing, and fine-tuning after a first layer of machine translation.
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