Infographic - French Web Agencies and Freelancers in 2023 Study

[Only available in French] Learn more about the way French agencies and freelancers work, what they offer and their results in this market study produced by Weglot in collaboration with WP Umbrella and WPMarmite.

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  • How much do web agencies and freelancers charge on average to create a website?
  • What are the main channels for acquiring new projects?
  • Which tools are most widely used for hosting? Maintenance? SEO?
  • ... 

These are just some of the questions to which we now have answers, thanks to this infographic highlighting the findings of a study of French web agencies and freelancers in 2023. 

After presenting the results of this study during a webinar in collaboration with WP Umbrella, WPMarmite and the Whodunit agency, we're now sharing them with you as downloadable content so that you can analyze them, learn from them and develop your web development business accordingly!

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