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A fully translated website that’s also automatically optimized for multilingual SEO.

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Key Weglot SEO features to help you gain international visibility

Dedicated language URLs

Metadata translation

Hreflang tags

Server-side translation

Full website translation

Weglot takes care of your technical multilingual SEO

Dedicated language URLs

Dedicated language​ URLs

Weglot automatically creates subdirectories or subdomains for each new language you add to your website. This is mandatory if you want Google to index your translated pages.

Hreflang tags

Automatically added hreflang tags

Hreflang tags help search engines understand a web page's language and who it should serve. Implementing them is notoriously difficult, but Weglot does it for you!

Metadata translation

Metadata translation

Weglot detects your metadata and image alt tags and translates them. Then edit the translations to target specific keywords for your new markets.

Server-side translation

An SEO-friendly website that follows Google's best practices

Weglot translates your pages server-side, which means your site’s content is translated before it’s sent to the visitor’s web browser. Server-side translation follows Google’s best practices because it lets Google bots detect and index your translations directly in the source code.

Weglot multilingual SEO
Easy integration
Full website translation

100% site translation for an improved user experience

Weglot detects everything on your page, including your menu, widgets, footer, theme elements, and dynamic content, so that 100% of your site is in your new target language(s). Half-translated pages can confuse search engine bots (not to mention human visitors).

How can multilingual SEO boost global visibility?

Increase in German traffic
Source: Napta
Increase in blog traffic
Source: BigBlue
The biggest benefit we’ve seen is an increase in website traffic in the German market. This was 120% up from the previous year, and we put that down in large part to improved translation.
Rich Ball
Marketing Manager,
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Team collaboration
All-in-one dashboard

Collaborate on your multilingual SEO strategy

Similarly to regular SEO, multilingual SEO involves researching and understanding the most relevant search terms and keywords in each language. Through your Weglot  Dashboard, you can collaborate directly with SEO experts, content teams, and translators and develop your SEO strategy.

Translation editing control

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We understand the importance of reliable support when it comes to managing your multilingual website. With Weglot, you get access to a reactive support team who are on hand to answer your questions.

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Interactive product demo

Experience the power of Weglot with our interactive demo that takes you through the full process of translating a website in just 2 minutes.

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Common questions

How can you edit the metadata?
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Weglot automatically detects all the content on your website and adds it to your Translations List, this includes content not “seen” on your site, such as metadata. You can easily edit the same way you edit any of your translations, either through your Translations List or the Visual Editor.
What is a language subdomain/subdirectory?
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If for example, your original website is, a subdirectory would be (for the French version), and a subdomain would be
How can I check if my hreflang tags are set up correctly?
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Weglot automatically adds hreflang tags on your translated pages. If you want to check they are correctly implemented, you can use our free hreflang checker tool.
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