Never waste time on manual tasks again

Automate your website translation project with Weglot to save time and get better results faster.

Weglot removes the manual tasks of website translation

Create your own
translation rules

Keep your translations consistent and avoid editing the same words repeatedly with a built-in glossary of terms.

Available to import/export, you can build your glossary list inside or outside Weglot and set rules consistent with your brand voice.

Translation glossary
Clear task management

Translate once, use forever

Save time and money with translation memory. The same translation is used for repetitive phrases throughout your website (tagline, CTA, etc.) so you only translate content once.

Why 70k+ companies choose Weglot to go multilingual

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“Weglot removed the pain of having to manage multiple stores for multiple locales. The integration was easy and the support is incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Weglot to anyone looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to translate their stores!”
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson
Director of Sales Operations

Automatize content detection

Weglot automatically scans, detects, and translates your entire website continuously, ensuring that no content is ever left untranslated (unless you exclude it).

Any new text added to your original website is instantly translated, with the flexibility to manually edit or suspend automatic translations until approval.

Easy integration
Manage everything in one place

Manage everything in one place

Centralize your project by handling all your translations in a dedicated dashboard, including content generated by 3rd party apps and plugins.

Collaborate with teammates and translators, assign translations, and review progress in real-time to reduce back-and-forth.

Alternatively, you can use the export/import feature to manage your translations independently of your dashboard.

Interactive product demo

Experience the power of Weglot with our interactive demo that takes you through the full process of translating a website in just 2 minutes.

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